My top 5 books (that make you look smart)

I've been obsessed with books for much longer than I have with beauty. Reading has always been an escape and something I love to do. Studying for my Bac, I have to read a lot of classics which, as surprising as it may seems, I really enjoy. So here is a top 5.

1: The stranger by Albert Camus.
My absolute favorite. If you are depressed, stay away from this book, it won't help. The way it is written is simple and to the point. The principal character is an anti-hero whithout empathy, cold, lost, just a human in all his ambiguity.
I read it in french and have no idea how it is translated but this book's pretty short, so please give it a read, it is brilliant!

2: Froth on the Daydream by Boris Vian
This is a bit of a marmitey « Love it or hate it » book. I found this book very poetic in its absurdity. The characters are sweet and lovable although a bit weird .Through this masterpiece the autor also gives a very sarcastic analysis of society and is decades ahead of its time. Give it a try and tell me on wich side of the yeasty force you find yourself.

3: Lady Chatterly's lover by D.H. Laurence
Yet another book so far ahead of its time that it caused a scandal and was censored then banned from 1928 to 1960. Again, the characters are very believable and are brought to life by the quality of Lawrence's flawless writing. It is definitively the most beautiful non cheesy, realist love story I have ever read (go on titanic, go back to bed).

4: Dreams from bunker hills by John Fante
The only book by John Fante I've read (naughty me) but I'm planning on reading the other adventures of Bandini (which are all kind of autobiographic). I just came to the realisation that the books I prefer are quite similar, no sugar coating, very true to human kind (likable or hatable) and give you the freedom to choose whether you like the characters or not. I hate Bandini. The fact that Fante has managed to make me feel so stongly about his character shows his talents as a writer. This piece of art reminds me A LOT of « the stranger », unenjoyable, painfully true, absolutely brilliant!

5:To kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee
A gigantic classic that I read about 4 years ago and remember loving it! I'm really not the kind of person that reads books more than once (I tend to get bored and there are so many new books to discover) but this one I would like to read again. I remember it being very inspiring, it was my first ever « classic » novel and I was surprised that I did not get bored reading it . I think that it has to do with the complexity of Atticus Finche's character and all of the different  layers  and facets this novel has. Unfortunately, french students don't get to study it at school.

The outsider: L'enfant multiple by Andree Chedid
The outsider because it won't really make you look smart, or else you can be sure it would have been classed on top of my list. I mean it when I say that this is one of the most beautiful books I have ever read. I was pedentically reticent at first « No I won't read it, its a kid's book bla,bla,bla »What a brat! Andree Chedid's prose is amazing, finishing this book you'll feel like you're in a little bubble of dreamyness (does that make sense?). Please read this incredibely touching novel, I stupidely think that if every person in the world read this book, it would make it a better place (hey Maddy come back to earth. See the effects books have on me ?). No honestly, it is short, you have nothing to loose reading it, so go and find yourself a copy.

That's a wrap, see you soon (for a top 5 guilty pleasure book mabye?)

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