My Top 10 beauty/fashion youtubers

Here's a fact : I spend way too much time on the internet, especially on youtube. Beauty gurus are the reason I got into makeup, trying to copy their looks. Today I really wanted to share nine of my favorite youtuby girls (and one man) with you guys, give you a sneak peak of my subscription box. They are in no particular order, I like all of them. Hope you'll enjoy my selection and discover new youtubers.

A really inspiring canadian lifestyle and beauty blogger. Not only is she beautiful, she also comes across as being really clever and funny, gives great tips for a generally healthy life (skin, food, happiness) and has a hilarious boyfriend. Her videos always make my day and never disappoint me.

Let's be honest, who dosen't know Tanya Burr ? This little british happy pill is doing brilliantly at the moment, she has a line of eyelashes, lipglosses, nail polishes (which, by the way, I would looove to try!) and is currently writing a book. Her channel is a diverse mix of favorites, makeup tutorials, baking videos... Plus I loooove her vlogmas, super entertaining !

Marzia is an Italian girl living in Brighton, she has a very unique, anime/japan inspired, girly style which suits her perfectly. Her channel feels really « cozy » (is it weird to say?) she mixes top 5 (always very tasteful), cooking videos, vlogs, unboxings, hauls, tags and adorable short animations. She has the youtube channel I would love to have made.

Jenn is the queen of the edgy look ! Her style is nearly opposite to Mazia's, but similar in the fact that it's very original and well thought out. Now you just have to look at my selection to see that I'm a bit schizophrenic ! I sincerely love her channel, her videos (lookbooks, taste tests, favourites, « what would jenn wear »..) are quite short and to the point, but her personnality still shines through.

Yeah, I know very original huh ? But she is so sweet, how could you not like her ? This guinea pig obssesed, cute baby pug owner just released a bestseller « girl online » (which I'm dying to read). Her videos (hauls, favorites, tags...) are usually quite long and chatty, but never annoying or boring. Probably because she talks to you as she would to a sister, which makes every vlog seem personnal. On top of that, she does quite a lot of really funny/adorable collabs.

Only boy on this list, Wayne posts very short and professionnal (but not whithout personnalty) videos : reviews, particularly useful tips, chats… Great channel to progress and learn about makeup since this chap really seems to know his subject.

A really classic mix of hauls, routines, tutorials, recipes...but Essie is so lovable (so is her dog by the way). Her « granny » side never fails to make me laugh ! You just have to watch her videos, I promise they'll make you happy (and dangerously addicted).

Evelina's "fashion cafe's" provides you with great fashion tips. The unicorn changes her looks depending on her moods, making the fashion in her videos very eclectic. The content of her channel suitable for anyone who wants to spend a good moment and learn about how to assemble the perfect outfit/wardrobe. She also posts good makeup tutorials and has just lauched a line of jewellery.

Yes, another brit'. Fleur is definitly a shopping addict, so if you want a bunch a hauls made by a girl with great taste, this channel is for you ! She never fails to recommend brilliant products and always manages to make me want to buy the makeup she talks about. Thinking about it, Fleur is one of the reasons I have an empty purse !

Why ? Because I'm so jealous of her hair. And her body. And her dog. To be honest, her videos are great, she somehow manages to spice up any classic video and to make it unique. Sammi is just the kind of person I would want to be friends with. Plus, her style is varied and it just seems like she could wear absolutely anything (me? Jealous? Naaah)!

It was so hard to narrow it down to 10 youtubers, they are soo many that I love! But here you go, don't forget to leave your favourite youtubers in the comments below, I would love to hear about them.

See you soon,


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