Favorites Vlogmases of 2014

Vlogmas is one of the many things that make me happy around Christmas time. I can't explain why, but I just love following my favourite youtubers around during a whole month. It gives me an idea of what a youtuber/blogger lifestyle's is like (super tempting) and leaves me feeling festive. When you think about it, it 's extremely sweet of them to share a part of their life, and bond with their viewers. These are the vlogmases? I followed and appreciated this year, most of the youtubers are already featured in my top 10 but I though I would give them another shout out as well as include some new ones.

I had allready followed and loved her vlogmas last year. Her bubbliness kept me feeling happy througout the whole month, she's always cheary and funny, a real sugar pill. Since she has a really « interesting » life, with a lot going on, her vlogs are never boring. Plus she seems to have such an adorable family (NO, I'm not jealous of the couple she forms with Jim...ok I am)

I love Sammi so much I danced around my bedroom when she said she would do vlogmas. To me it meant brilliant OOTD's and outfit inspiration everyday ! And a daily Riley (the french bouledog, I have an obssession whith french bouledogs) injection !And foood ! Sammi's vlogs litterally made me dribble. Delicious !

Suzie did a bit of a different vlogmas in the way that she uploaded 2 combined vlogs every other day. Her brilliant editing made up for the fact that they were quite short. I hadn't subscribed to Suzie before I discovered her vlogmas, now it's safe to say I'm addicted to her videos and have watched most of them. That's how good she is !

Classic ! Even though Zoe missed a few days, I still really enoyed her vlogmas serie. Again, she is sweet, super lovable and shares a bit of sisterly love (and many, many pug clips) in her daily vlogs. Who could ask for more !

Another girl I use to follow and adore last year. Claudia got me glued to my sceen again this year, with her short but entertaining vlogs, her hilarious roomate (lexi lombard) , her late night snacks and sleepless nights. It was a bit bizzar to see how much her life has changed in one year, plus I have to say I was guiltely glad to see her mom again at the end of the month, she's hilarious.

That concludes my top vlogmases? for 2014 and I can't wait til next year's. Leave me a comment below telling me who's vlogs were your favorite, as I would love to know and watch them (come on, let's make december last and watch vlogas 'til february!!)

See you in a bit,

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