Picnic with the fairies

Spring must be in the middle of some kind of existential crisis at the moment. He's only in his early days but already likes to believe he's summer. And I'm not here to complain ! The 30 dregrees and bright blue sky allowed me to wear the light dresses and shorts I've filled my wardrobe up with. And what better place to embrace the beautiful weather (and to show the world my dress) than a lake coming right out out a fairytail ? My family and I went for a lovely picnic and badmington game in Busserolles (ho, you don't know the place ? What a looser ! I'm joking, obviously), the lighting and scenery were so nice I couldn't resist taking a few shots. Sorry, my outfit is far from exeptionnal, I'm just wearing an H&M dress from last year (although they have a similar one out every year), an extremely flowy kimono from Sheinside and a pair of white Pimkie ballerinas (when I'm actually wearing shoes...what?!).

I kept my makeup light and basic, exept for the bright blue liner on my bottom lash line (If Lily Pepples can do it, why couldn't I ?). I had on my good old Dreampure BB cream by Maybelline, topped up with powder and concealer, Sleek's blush inrose gold, Kiko'seyeshadow stick in n° 38, and Tanya Burr's lipgloss in Picnic in the park (Pinic in the lake ? No ? Ok.).

I hope you enjoyed this post and its pictures, please tell me in which way you've taken advantage of the sun (or of the rain if you're unlucky).

See you next time,

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