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As you might have seen in my « To do... » post, I am firmly decided to get out of my « foodfort zone » and try new recipes. There had been a time in my life when I would make many « recipe » boards on pinterest, spend all day looking at yummy food that I could mash up and cook something new almost daily. Now, I just seem to stick to the same rice/tofu/veggies staple, and am feeling the urge to wake my taste buds up with some novelty. To do so, I went digging back into my old recipe gathering and came up with five delicious looking Asian-style dishes that I'm going to have a shot at. Asiatic flavors, (chili, ginger, soy sauce...) are by far my favorites, take me to a sushi place and you'll win my heart. Bear in mind I'm a « pescatarian », so no meat-based meals will be found in this list.

Being a big fan of spicy stuff and noodles, I couldn't not want to try this amazing looking bowl of ramen. The good thing about this bowl too, is that it doesn't contain « typically asian » ingredients which are impossible to find in my local/countryside/horrible supermarket.

This dish definitely requires a bit more shopping and preparation than the first one. But I figured homemade dumplings could only be better than takeway ones. Annnd I love takeway ones.

When tuna (aka, my favorite fish) season comes, this recipe will be the first to be attempted by my clumsy self. Come on, tell me this sashimi style tartar doesn't look delicious !

To be honest...the cabbage salad is one of my favorite parts of a japanese meal. Nearly as good as sushi. If this recipe works out, unlimited cabbage salad would be a thing...heaven.

If you haven't tried Baozis, go and make yourself some right now, they are amazing ! These tofu-stuffed ones seemed like a perfect upgrade to an allready delicious recipe. Can't wait to try them !

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