One Lovely Blog Award

I had the surprise to be nominated by the lovely Euhnella (thank you!) to participate in the "one lovely blog award". Since I feel a bit sick today (TMI, I know), I thought it would be a conveniant post to write, as I always love discovering new bloggers (If you want me to check out your blog, send me a link and I will give it a look). 

The guidelines are: 
  • Thank the person who nominated you for the award.
  • Add the One Lovely Blog Award logo to your post and/or blog.
  • Share 7 facts about yourself.
  • Nominate 15 bloggers you admire and inform nominees by commenting on their blog. 

I had already done a "50 facts about me"  post, but here are 7 more:

-Despite the fact that I like deep, 'study" books, I am a huge Harry Potter fan.

-I cannot stand a messy room

-I would love to start babysitting, as I find kids absolutely adorable

-The first makeup product I ever bought is the 'full cover concealer" by Makeup For Ever (brilliant stuff)

-I definitely am an introvert, but I'm not shy.

-If you want to take me on a "food" date, sushis or doughnuts are the way to go (hint to nobody...)

-I get extremely panicky in crowded places, too hot, too many people, I tend to freak out completely.

Yeahh!! 3 objectives out of 4 down, here's the last (and most interesting) part. The bloggers I tag are... (drum roll):

-the Elle next door
-Pint Sized Beauty
-Brunette Wavez
-Sweet Dreams
-Microscope beauty
-The beauty load
-Victoria Beauty
-Jodie Louise Brinkley
-Enchanted Closet
-Magpie Jasmine
-Stephanie's Daily Beauty

That's a wrap! If you're one of the bloggers mentionned above, know that I really appreciate your blog and hope you'll "spread" the award and permit to everybody to dicover new blogs.

Have a nice day,


Top 5 drama films


A few months ago, I got into the habit of watching a film every night, then I decided to catch up on Game Of Thrones and broke my little ritual.  I did watch quite a few films though, and some of them were absolutely beautiful, so beautiful I now feel the need to share them with as many of you as I can.
I'm a very cynical person, which means I have trouble getting "carried away" by films, I've yet to find a horror film that scares me, they tend to make me giggle. But the films I am going to talk about today managed to suck me in completely, suspend the time and, for some of them, make me cry.

"The piano"

Year: 1993
Genre: Romantic, Drama
Director: Jane Campion
Main actors: Holly Hunter, Harvey Keitel, Sam Neil
PlotAda McGrath (Holly Hunter), a mute who has willed herself not to speak, and her strong-willed young daughter Flora (Anna Paquin) find themselves in the New Zealand wilderness, with Ada the imported bride of dullard land-grabber Stewart (Sam Neill). Ada immediately takes a dislike to Stewart when he refuses to carry her beloved piano home with them. But Stewart makes a deal with his overseer George Baines (Harvey Keitel) to take the piano off his hands. Attracted to Ada, Baines agrees to return the piano in exchange for a series of piano lessons...

Only one word could describe this film: Incredible. Everything in it was perfect, the music, the actors, the story, the ending... So beautiful yet so violent, a kind of emotional violence that hits you hard and in the right places. It was made on a tiny budget, all of the actors really wanted to be there and you can feel it in the way they play.  This film deserves to be seen by everybody, its beauty is hardly describable, it can't leave you indifferent.


Year: 2014
Genre: Drama
Director: Xavier Dolan
Main actors: Antoine-Olivier Pilon, Anne Dorval, Suzanne Clément
PlotForty-six year old Diane Després - "Die" - has been widowed for three years. Considered white trash by many, Die does whatever she needs, including strutting her body in front of male employers, to make an honest living. That bread-winning ability is affected when she makes the decision to remove her only offspring, fifteen year old Steve Després, from his previously imposed institutionalization, one step below juvenile detention. She institutionalized him shortly following her husband's death due to Steve's attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and his violent outbursts....

I'm not sure whether this film has been distributed in America and/or in The UK yet. If it has, you should definitely give it a watch. Even though this movie, directed by a 26 year old, lasted more than two hours, I didn't get bored for one second. I was captivated by the different relationships built between all of the characters (all brilliantly played), the son himself displaying a few different personalities. This film is an emmotionnal rollercoaster, you go from laughter to tears, from frightened to releaved... Plus if you can watch in VO (I didn't understand the canadian french, even as a frenchy) with subtitles, you can ensure yourself a few good laughs. 

"The green mile"

Year: 1999
Genre: Drama, fantastic, policier
Director: Frank Darabont
Main actors: Michael Clarke Duncan, Tom Hanks, David Morse...
PlotPaul Edgecomb is a slightly cynical veteran prison guard on Death row in the 1930's. His faith, and sanity, deteriorated by watching men live and die, Edgecomb is about to have a complete turn around in attitude. Enter John Coffey, He's eight feet tall. He has hands the size of waffle irons. He's been accused of the murder of two children... and he's afraid to sleep in a cell without a night-light. Edgecomb, as well as the other prison guards - Brutus, a sympathetic guard, and Percy, a stuck up, perverse, and violent person, are in for a strange experience that involves intelligent mice, brutal executions, and the revelation about Coffey's innocence and his true identity.

I saw this masterpiece years ago, and so much of it remains in my mind. It was the first film ever to make me cry, and god knows I tried to resist. You can't fail to become attached to the characters, all of them, you love them, despise them...up to you but the actors are so incredibly good you will feel something. This film is a brilliant blend of drama, policier and fantastic, making the impossible believable. Now that I've seen it, I feel I have the duty to persuade everybody to sit dow (for nearly three hours, though it doesn't seem like it) and watch this work of art.

"The war zone"

Genre: Drama
Director: Tim Roth
Main actors: Lara Belmont, Tilda Swinton, Ray Winston, Freddy Cunliffe...
Plot Synopsis: 15-year-old Tom is brooding over his family’s relocation from London to an isolated rural hamlet. His naive adolescence is jolted apart, however, when he unwittingly discovers a harrowing truth about his family, a truth hidden by a deliberate, desperate silence from his father and sister.

I can't say I liked this film. I admire the way it progresses: slowly easing you into the dark, dark atmosphere, the way it was shot: amazing view, incredible camera work, the actors (not one single miss in the cast), the musique... But one can't "like" this film. Simply because it's not pleasant, it will probably scar you for life, it's the closest to a real horror film I have ever seen, with no blod nor chainsaw, it's a love story too, bitter, extreme love... To avoid on a date night!

"Life is beautiful"

Year: 1947 or (the one I saw) 1997
Genre: Drama, Love story
Director: Roberto Benigni
Main actors: Roberto Benigni, Nicoletta Braschi, Gorgio Cantarini...
Plot: In 1930s Italy, a carefree Jewish book keeper named Guido starts a fairy tale life by courting and marrying a lovely woman from a nearby city. Guido and his wife have a son and live happily together until the occupation of Italy by German forces. In an attempt to hold his family together and help his son survive the horrors of a Jewish Concentration Camp, Guido imagines that the Holocaust is a game and that the grand prize for winning is a tank.

I saw this film years ago, and remember it as being the second film ever to make me cry (see"the green mile"). I'm sure you've all heard about this sweet and bitter story, it has rightly become a classic. The movie is another perfect blend of love and "horror",innocence and painful reality. If you're in for a second round of emotional rollecoaster, definitely give this film a watch. I have never seen the 1947 version though, if you have, could you tell me how it is?

That concludes my top 5 drama films. Drama films are my favorite to watch, as I find I like stories with a bit of depht, in wich you can really get involved with the characters.

Let me know wich films are your favorites and if you have seen one the movies mentioned above, tell me what you though about it.

See you next time,


January Clothing and accessories haul

Hi guys and welcome to the 3rd part of my january haul (you can see the beauty one here and the book one just here). Today's the time for, you guessed it...the clothing/accesories one! I purchased all of this sha-bang over the course of a few weeks, online as well as in store. You'll be able to tell I'm really into H&M at the moment, their sales in store are quite crappy, but the ones online aren't bad at all, give their website a look if you have the chance.
I attached a link to the the items as I found them, if some of them are "linkless", it means that I couldn't put my mouse on them.


Etam minimal black V-neck: Just your classic black jumper, I already had a burgundy one of these and it turns out I wore it so much I decided to get the black one. It was reduced from an already low price, which the quality doesn't reflect.

H&M thin knitted cardigan: Not as warm as I wanted it to be but I quite like the way it looks. It gives a classic effortless look, keeping it neutral, super for layering.

H&M blue jumper: Again, not very warm but I just love he way this top fits. I usually stick to neutral colors, but this long sleeve caught my eye with its baby/teal blue color. I am in love with it! Gettin' out of the comfort zone vol°1 (pat on the back).

H&M "pima" black top: This one's a very simple piece, made special by its white detailing on the sleeves, collar and shoulder. This twist on the classic black top is what sold me. I wanted it in the creamy/beige color but it unfortunately wasn't available in my size.

H&M laced top: I've always been a big fan of lace detailings on shirts/skirts, so I can assure you that when I saw this shirt massivly reduced, I knew what would happen to it... it would end up in my closet. It did, and I'm really happy about it!

Stradivarius blue cropped jumper:  Gettin' out of the comfort zone vol°2! It's the exact same colour as the H&M top though...tough!! I like it, it's quite warm and goes really well with all of my high-waisted jeans.

Bershka striped roll neck: My latest purchase, I suprised myself in buying a roll neck, they normally make me look like a tortoise XD. This one doesn't, it's a tad bit cropped and pyjama-soft. I usually find Bershka's clothes quality to be on the shitty side, not for this top though (I'll let you know how it washes). Its suuuper low price point pushed me to the vice.

H&M fleecy leopard pyjama bttoms: I'm all for a comfy/warm PJ in the winter, and if it can make me look like Waynetta Slob (role model) then  it becomes an obligatory purchase. 'nough said.


Eram grey booties: I had already spotted these babies last autumn, they are gorgeous but use to be much too expensive. So when I saw them 50% off, I went for it! The leather quality of the shoes is beautiful, the colour quite unique and the shape goes with anything. I'm not used to wearing light colored shoes, 'guess I just need to be careful in my very muddy countryside.


H&M long triangle necklace and long glass necklace: Although quite far from my usual stytle (I'm normaly a silver person), these 2 necklaces look quite classy. I wouldn't wear them together though, as it would be too "in your face" for me. The quality isn't as bad as the price lets it seem, a nice adition to my small jewelery collection (keep loosing them... shame on me).

H&M 3 layers necklace: This one is as pretty as it is annoying (it's always getting tangled). I like it a lot though.

H&M silver necklace: Simple and discrete silver necklace, a must have in my opinion.

Guilty bonus

H&M cosmetics powder highliter: OK, I am guilty, I bought makeup.Again. But it was so cheap, and I'd heard so many good things about this highliter. You get a really good product for the price, of course not as pigmented as the lou-minizers from "the balm" but not bad at all. Worth the spend if you can find it.

And with that comes the end of my january haul, hope you enjoyed it. As a "last word" I'll leave you with a picture of my bed after I received an order from H&M, here comes the apocalyps...



Beautifully unaffordable products

I think you can all agree with me on the fact that january is depressing. You're broke after the sales, it rains/freezes (damn you californians) and you realize you are never going to stick to your resolutions (being more positive in my case... oops) . In my grey day boredom, I made a list of beautiful makeup products I desperately want but know I'll never own because they're extremely expensive/not available in France. And again, I'm so broke (thanks to my makeup haul) that I think I'll need to wait until my next birthday (4th of november) before I can buy anything ! You can either take this post as an « unaffordable products » or a « beautiful products » one, depending on your mood, hope you enjoy though !

Base makeup :

1: Nars sheer glow (in Deauville) 
2: Nars radiant creamy concealer (in chantilly)
5: Jouer matte moisture tint (in porcelain)

1: BECCA shimmering skin perfector (in white pearl)
3: Clinique Cheek pop (in Berry pop)
4: Tarte amazonian clay 12h blush (all of them!!!)


1: Anastasia brow powder duo (no idea of the shade)
2: Burberry effortless eyebrow definer (in sepia)
3: Benefit gimme brow (in light/medium)


1: NARS Audacious lipstick (in Raquel)
2: Tom Ford lip color (in crimson noir)
4: Buxom full on lip cream (any of them)
5: Mac lipstick (in velvet teddy, please me or cyber)

That's it! Obviously, everything I said in the intro of this blogpost isn't to be taken litterally. Makeup is far from being the most important thing in my life, it doesn't actually makes me depressed to know  I won't be able to afford these expensive powders and pretty packagings. 

Have a lovely day,


January book haul

I said in my previous post that I had been offered an amazon gift voucher by my grandparents. Instead of spending absolutely all of it (I still spent a bit though) on makeup, I decided to buy a few books I had been wanting for a long time.

Girl Online by Zoe Sugg: Since I love Zoella so much as a beauty vlogger, I couln't avoid buying her book. I also know Tanya Burr and Fleurdeforce are releasing books this year:  Love, Tanya for one, Glam guide for the other, you can be sure they'll go straight into my basket as soon as they come out! I decided to go for the blue and pink hardback version instead of the kindle one (same price), not for convenience reasons (obviously) but because I loved the look of it. This is definitely very light reading, far from what I'm used to swallowing for school (Flaubert, here I come). If you want a gorgeously written book, don't pick this one up! Only do so if want a super quick and easy read, or mabye if you're young and want to get into reading, this one is ok. As much as I adore Zoe's blog/vlogs, I'm not so keen on her book, it's a bit « shallow » for me.

Girlboss by Sophia Amoruso: Trend victim. Again. This book is written by the ex-garbage digger now multi-millionaire CEO of She writes about how she managed to grow such a successful company, giving her tips and tricks with all of her outspokenness. It don't agree with everything she says (I'm not going to shoot her or sentence her to 1000 lashes, promise) but came out  of this book feeling like I too could become a girlboss. I now feel quite empowered and want to take over the world (It's probably going to last a week). Again, not a literary masterpiece, but a good revitalizing self-help book.

Not That Kind Of Girl by Lena Dunham: I had never tried self help books and wanted to give them a shot, can you tell? Only just started this one by the very well known « Girls » actrice and am already liking it. It's a lot denser than the other two, and Lena's writing is much better. She is funny, outspoken, and from what I have read, has lived quite a few « weird » experiences. Needless to say that weird people are my jam ! I'm going to love this book.

That's all for my book haul, light books aren't the only ones that I read, I also picked up a couple of classics for my french studies but I though you might find them boring. Don't hesitate to tell me if you want to hear about them though, I have some new ones to add to my top 5.

Until next time, smile :-)



January makeup and skincare haul

Well, how do I begin... I had money and an amazon gift card for chistmas, sephora was doing 20% off (there are two of these in the town I go to twice a week) and my amazing granparents took my blog for a wishlist. Let's just say that this month, I have aquired quite a bit of beauty stuff, I'll let you discover the extent of the damages.

Chanel Vitalumière aqua: This is my first ever luxury product, an absolute classic. I had been lusting over it for about a year and a half before I decided to take advantage of the sephora sale and splurge. I payed 32 euros for it, which is the price of a « normal » high end foundation. All I can say is that I don't regret it at all, the coverage is light, to my liking, the lasting power amazing and the luminous finish absolutely gorgeous . The only downside (apart from the price) is that, even though I bought the lightest shade in store (22 beige rosé), it still is a teeny tiny bit too dark, but nothing that a fair bit of blending can't fix.

Benefit brow zings : I told you about my brow troubles in my « products I actually need to buy » post, I was getting panick attacks seeing my naked 2 shade (naked basics) disapear so I decided to go brow product shopping. I ask a lady with amazing eyebrows (good pick Maddy) in sephora and she recommended this product. I got it in the shade light, for 26euros (-20% until the 31st remember?) and am really pleased with it, the color is great, it lasts all day and my brow game is much stronger! I don't know about the brushes though, they're so small I prefer to use my own.

Benefit Hoola bronzer:  We are stepping into the must have territory again ! This one is another product I've been tempted to buy for months, an finally I gave in. It was 26 euros (sales,sales,sales) well spent, I use this with a light hand (Thanks fair skin), it blends like a dream and gives me a nice everyday contour.

I took advantage of the sales on FeelUnique and bought products I've wanted for a long time.

The balm NudeTude palette: Not only is the packaging gorgeous, but the shadows are beautiful, deeply pigmented, blendable, not chalky, but butterry... Absolutely amazing, I especially love the shimmery white highlight shade (sassy), it's quite unique and always gives your look a kick of light. This palette is perfect for travelling as it has every eyeshadow you'll ever need and is super slim. It's quite cheap compared to the palettes from too faced or Urban decay, while the quality is pretty much the same.

The balm Mary Lou Manizer: Classic « The balm » packaging, adorable. I agree with the entire internet in saying that this pigmented champagne highliter gives a really pretty glow. Don't go overboard with it as you'll end up looking like a greasy disco ball. I still need a good highligter brush though, my finger just ain't the right tool (that sounded so wrong, sorry).

Tanya Burr lipglosses in « Vampire Kiss » « Chic » and « Picnic in the parc »: these lipglosses are as good as Tanya Burr's blogging. They smell like strawberry (not medicine, candy) are pigmented and, hallelujia... not sticky! I can't stand sticky lip products and have troubles finding lipgloss formulas that I like, I really want to buy more, damn budget ! My personnal favorite out of the three is « Chic », a pefect everyday nude.

Rimmel wake me up concealer in « ivory » : I love the foundation and had heard a lot about the matching concealer. It is nice but far from being as good as the collection's one. It gives less coverage and the lightest shade is much darker. Still better than your average concealer though.

As said earlier, my british grandparents whom I love so much (if you guys see that, thank you again) saw that I was in « need » of a few products and were kind enough to send me :

2 Rimmel khol liners : Cheap, Black, Effective. What else ? I'm now going to line my eyes with a pencil longer than an inch and stop poking my iris with my nail!

Bourjois blush in «41 healthymix» : They couldn't have chosen better, it's a very nice shade of peach. I already own a blush from bourjois in « 54 rose frisson », and like it a lot. They are buildable, sheer enough so you can't go wrong and look like a clown, plus they smell amazing!

Nail buffer block : Even better than the ones from sephora, this one has 6 steps (4 for the others) which lead to smoother nails and non-chipping polish.

I also used an amazon gift vouch (a book haul is coming) to buy :

Sèche vite : Remember me saying that I needed a quick dry top coat? This one is flawless, it dries super fast, leaves your nails shiny and helps to reduce chipping.

First Aid Beauty ultra repair cream: This product deserves all of the hype it's got on the internet, I recommend it if you need a boost of moisture during the winter months.

That's it for today, I'm not stepping into a sephora for at least a...week ? I'm really happy with everything I bought/received, I did a lot of research before buying pricey high end products. Keep in mind that what works for me might not work for you, so please don't be angry if I recommend something you don't like.

Hopefully you'll have enjoyed reading about my january purchases,
See you soon,


Crazy Cabaret/ Le Cabaret fou

 You had a sneeky peek into my mum's « work environment » in my post on the video games conferences that took place in Angoulême (Gaming giants in Agoulême). Today, I'm going to give you a look into my tapdancer of a dad's world. Last saturday, my father was invited by the compagny « Cétacé » to perform in a cabaret, amongst comics, acrobats, musicians, jugglers... As a personnal assistant/hardrive/pain in ass glue pot, I followed him and offered some help with his choreography (which we started on monday...for saturday...procrastination is in my genes !). We rehearsed a lot during the week and finaly ended the dance on thursday night, close one !

Vous avez pu avoir un aperçu de environnement dans lequel travaille ma mère dans mon article concernant les ateliers du jeux vidéo à Angoulême (Gaming giants in Angoulême). Aujourd'hui, vous pourrez « jeter un oeil » à l'univers de mon claquettiste de père . Samedi dernier, mon paternel a été invité par la compagnie Cétacé à participer à un cabaret, entouré de comics, d’acrobates, de musiciens, de jongleurs... En tant qu’assistante personnelle/ disque dur/ pot de colle insupportable, je me suis permis de le suivre et de proposer mon aide pour monter la chorégraphie (commencée le lundi...pour le procrastination est dans mes gènes!). Nous avons passé la semaine à répéter avant de finir la chorégraphie le jeudi soir, autrement dit, on a eu chaud...

Friday consisted of installing/meeting the other artists, we ate together, talked a lot, it was lovely to meet so many « different » people, who always had interesting things to say, to share, were passionate and open minded, a real breath of fresh air (ho it rimes...sorry). Of course this week-end was a perfect opportunity for me to use my new camera, and take pictures of the agitation surrounding me. I proposed my services as an amateur photographer and ended up with 350 pictures of the rehersals, sets, (dogs ?! Yep they were adorable, couldn't resist) and of the show.

Le vendredi suivant fut une journée d'installations/ de rencontre avec les autres artistes, on a mangé ensemble, beaucoup parlé, c'était absolument génial de rencontrer tellement de gens « différents », ayant toujours quelque chose d'intéressant à dire, à partager, ils étaient passionnés et ouverts d'esprit, une vrai bouffée d'air frais.Evidemment, ce week-end était pour moi une occasion parfaite d'utiliser ma nouvelle camera et de prendre des photos de l'agitation ambiante. J'ai proposé mes services en tant que photographe amateur sans m'attendre à terminer l’événement avec 350 photos des décors, des répétitions (des chiens ?! Oui. Adorables. Pas pu résister.) et du spectacle sur ma pellicule.

Saturday came : « the big day ». At this point, the stress levels were quite high : the food nedded to be made, the bar organized, the set placed, the reservations booked, the general rehersals done... But everybody gave their best and we even got time for coffee (and macaroons!).

Le grand jour finit bien par arriver. La tension générale était palpable : la nourriture devait être préparée, le bar organisé, le décor placé, les réservations et la répétition générale faites... Mais tout le monde à fait de son mieux, ce qui nous a même permis de prendre une pose café-macarons.

Around 200 people came, which is a lot for our « trou du cul du monde » (look it up), the room was packed, the bar worked well, the pizzas we made (come on let's mention the food) were eaten all over the place.A group of very talented teen musicians, the Failing Babies, heated up the room, singing rock and making people jump all over the place.

A peu près 200 personnes composaient le public ce soir là, ce qui est beaucoup pour notre « trou du cul du monde » comme je me plais à l’appeler. La salle était plus que pleine, le bar marchait bien, les pizzas cuisinées avec amour (Un article sans bouffe ?! Vous y avez cru?!) étaient dévorées au quatre coins de la pièce. Un groupe d'ados musiciens, les Failing Babies, a ouvert le bal, chauffant la salle comme personne avec leurs reprises rock, faisant sauter le public dès les premières minutes.

Then the cabaret began, the two comics who did the presentation (Les Croonards) were hilarious (and I usually hate comics, they make me uncomfortable or just very very angry), dosed black humour extremely cleverly and introduced the artists perfectly. There were also two incredibly funny women (Pamela and Laeticia) helping with the props during the show, they deserve so much credit as they were absolutely indispensable.

Puis le cabaret commença, les deux comics (Les Croonards) en « Messieurs loyaux » étaient hilarants (sachant que je j'ai pour habitude de détester les comics, ils ont tendance à me mettent mal à l'aise ou à simplement m'agacer), dosant l'humour noir très intelligemment et introduisant les artistes à la perfection. Laetitia et Pamela en haut talons plaçaient les accessoires avec humour et clowneries entre les prestations, absolument indispensables !

The cabaret got kick-started by a duo of musicians/clows (CieDu02Nous2) who played the accordeon and the musical saw (yep ! you heard that right, it was amazing actually) and made the kids (and adults) laugh a lot. They were followed by impressive acrobatic dancers (Cliq'en l'Air Circus), another comic who made me cry from laughter (Mr Siceul), a singer with a golden voice accompanied by an accordeonist (Cie Ideo) annnd my dad ! He did his come back on stage after a short break of about...20 years ? Not going to lie but when he finished his choreography (better than he has ever done actually) I had a bit of a « Look that's my dad ! » moment (the tons of pictures I have taken during his perfomance speak for me).

Le cabaret commença en force avec un duo de musiciens/clowns (cie Du02Nous2) qui jouaient de l'accordéon, de la scie musicale (vous avez bien lu, c'était, à ma grande surprise, magnifique) et faisaient rire petits et grand. Ils furent suivit par un très impressionnant numéro de portés acrobatiques (Cliq'en l'Air Circus), un autre comics (Mr Siceul) à cause duquel j'ai failli me faire pipi dessus (comme c'est mignon...), une chanteuse à la voix d'or accompagnée d'un accordéon sans son musette, (pas que j'ai un problème avec le son musette mais... SI en fait (La Cie Ideo)) etttt par mon père ! Il a fait son grand come back sur scène après une courte pause de...20 ans ?! Pour ne pas vous mentir, quand il a fini sa chorégraphie (il ne l'a jamais mieux dansée) j'ai eu un un moment de fierté : « regardez, c'est mon papa ! » (les dizaines de photos prises durant sa performance pourront en attester).

I have too few pictures of the blade thrower and his assisstant (Blade and Dolores) since I was afraid to use the flash during their performance, they left me breathless and a bit shakey, but also made me laugh quite a bit !

J'ai pris trop peu de photos du lanceur de couteaux et de sa partenaire (Blade et Dolores), j'avais trop peur de les déconcentrer avec le flash, ils m'ont laissée sans voix et un peu tremblotante, tout en m'ayant fait beaucoup rire.

There was a break in the performances, the two comics who presented gave a clever, perfectly judged, hilarious tribute to the victims of the attack at Charlie Hebdo. They showed some of the provocative artpieces drawn by the caricaturists, that the old women in the room couldn't bare too look at, even though they had a « I Am Charlie » badge, pretty contradictory isn't it  (It's hard to be loved by fools) ?

Les performances s’arrêtèrent un moment, laissant les comics/présentateurs rendre un hommage intelligent, hilarant et parfaitement bien jugé aux victimes de l'attentat à Charlie Hebdo. Ils ont affiché quelques caricatures provocantes dessinées par les artistes disparus, que les vieilles dames portant le badge « Je Suis Charlie » ne pouvaient pas regarder en face, contradictoire n'est-ce pas (C'est dur d'être aimé par des cons) ?

To follow up, the clown/accordeonist came back, for a juggling performance, again I don't have many pictures since I didn't want to disturb them, it was great though.

Les clowns-musiciens qui avaient ouvert le bal ont fait une seconde apparition dans un numéro de jonglage en musique, encore trop peu de photos prises, je ne voulais pas les déranger, c'était super  cependant!

As a « finalé », all of the artists came on stage, presented themselves and the sound engineers (who worked brilliantly in the shadows), saluted and had a dance around, it was an overload of smiley faces...

Pour le grand final, tous les artiste se sont retrouvés sur scène, se sont présentés, eux et les ingénieurs du son (qui on fait un super boulot dans l'ombre), ont salué avant de transformer le show en « dance party » sur scène, dans une foule de sourires.

Earlier in the day, I had promisd to help and take care of the bar straight after the show with a few other girls, it was my first time but weirdly, I thouroughly enjoyed it. The bar looked gorgeous, the barmaids were super nice and I managed to keep all the drinks it their glasses and not on the customers (you have no idea of how big of an achievement this is for the clumsy mess on high heels , I am).

En début de journée, j'avais promis d'aider à m'occuper du bar dans l'heure suivant le spectacle avec quelques autres filles, c'était une première pour moi et j'ai bizarrement vraiment apprécié (une nouvelle vocation?). Le bar était magnifique, les serveuses adorables et j'ai réussi à garder toutes le boissons dans leurs vers et non sur les clients (vous n'avez aucune idée du caractère exceptionnel de la chose étant donné que je suis une maladresse ambulante sur des talons aiguilles).

A DJ (DJ Sherif Mouloud) came for the after-party, cherry on top, he played good music, which was also new for me, used to the crappy 80's songs played at the « beaujolais nouveau » or « pot au feu » « soirées » in my village. For the first time in a few years, I felt like I could stop acting stuck up and dance like a dying cow on the dance floor, because these people weren't juging me, it felt so nice to have a night of pure fun and freedom, surrounded by talented people I genuinely like, feeling  part  of such a high-quality show.

Un DJ anima la fin de soirée (DJ Sherif Mouloud) et, cerise sur le gâteau, il avait de bons goûts musicaux, une autre première pour moi, habituée au pire des années 80 qui passe aux « soirées beaujolais » ou « pot au feu » de mon village. Pour la première fois depuis des années, je me suis sentie libre de pouvoir décoincer mes doigts de mon anus (parce que nous sommes scientifiquement corrects ici) et de danser comme une vache mourante, parce que je ne me sentais pas jugée, c'était génial de passer une soirée de pur amusement, entourée par des gens que j'apprécie beaucoup et d'avoir contribué à l'organisation d'un spectacle de si grande qualité.

Dear Jack Jonhson, I was doubting too but I now know where all the good people went, they are not on TV but were in Vars last week end, sorry you missed them.

Cher Jack Jonhson, jusqu'ici, j'avais des doutes également mais je sais maintenant où tous les gens biens sont passés (cf « Where are the good people gone ? »), il ne sont effectivement pas à la télé mais ce sont rassemblés à Vars le Week-end dernier, dommage que vous les ayez loupés.

Hope you enjoyed this post and pictures,
En espérant que vous avez apprécié cet article et les photos l'accompagnant,



It's hard to be loved by fools/ C'est dur d'être aimé par des cons

« C’est dur d’être aimé par des cons » (Jean Bourguignon)
"It's hard to be loved by fools"
First of all, I wanted to appologize for not posting these past few days. I was very busy and still haven't mastered blog scheduling, but I swear, quite a few nice articles are on their way !

Today's post is going to branche out from the whole beauty/fashion shalloweness (in a non pejorative way), and be more serious, because of the dramatic events that recently took place in France.
As I said before, I am a very opinionated person, and am going to use this blog to express myself and write what I truly think, if you do not share my opinion, no problems but please don't be offended.
I'm sure you all know what recently happened in the offices of the french satirical magazine « Charlie Hebdo » it was, and still is, all over the internet and the news. It was a shock for everybody and a big affront to the liberty of expression.
The events themselves aren't what I wanted to talk about, I wanted to mention the general hypocrisy masked by the originaly touching « I am charlie » movement. It was all over my facebook wall and twitter feed, coming from kids that I know have no idea of what « Charlie hebdo » is, from facists that I should have not accepted in my facebook contacts, from teens that absolutely wanted to jump on the band wagon. Don't get me wrong, I'm sure (too few) people who shared tribut pictures were readers and «fans »  of the satirical magazine . I am pesonnaly really disgusted by the shooting but since I have never read nor bought the magazine I don't feel comfortable posting 20 pictures a day saying that « I am Charlie ». Let's be honest, these cartoonist took the piss out of absolutely everybody and everything, they were HATED by the government that kept trying to put them down. The same government that is now crying all over them, telling how much they loved them, singing « La Marseillaise » at manifestations, THE NATIONAL ANTHEM!! I know I would rise from the dead if you sang that « song » at my funeral ! Imagine how it feels (well probably not feel...I mean...) for these non patriotic anarchists ? Imagine how they would probably take the absolute piss out of you people who keep posting things in order to follow the national trend but have never seen any of the artists's drawings ? That is what we are missing in this situation, these 4 bitterly hilarious artists to mock this crazy, unbalanced world.
Plus have you heard about the 37 dead and 66 injured in Yemen the exact same day ? Terrorist attack. Bomb. Nobody cares, it's normal out there isn't it ? Not surprising that nobody knows about it, the news was nearly exclusively on the charlie hebdo attack. I'm not, in any way, shape or form saying that what happened on wednesday was nothing, but please let's remember that the world is a seriously fucked up place and that things like that happend very often, all around the earth, and kill so many more people, twelve is nothing, still 12 too many, but just a tiny addition to the hundred of thousand persons who have already died.
That was it, my way to pay my respect to Cabus, Wolinski, Tignous, Charb and the eight other victims, I was honest as I think they would have been (with a lot less talent...and swearing).
See you next time in a much more cheerful post, I promise,

Premièrement, je voulais m’excuser pour le récent manque de posts sur ce blog, j'ai été très occupée, et ne maîtrise toujours pas la planification, ça va venir ! Promis, j'ai pas mal de chouettes articles de prévus.
Aujourd'hui je voulais me détacher un peu de la beauté/mode, de la superficialité (sans connotation péjorative) et être un peu plus sérieuse à la suite des récents événements.
Comme je l'ai dit précédemment, j'ai des opinions assez tranchées et compte utiliser ce blog pour écrire ce que je pense vraiment. Si vous ne partagez pas mon opinion, aucun soucis, mais ne vous sentez pas offensés.
Vous avez forcément entendu parles des attentats à la rédaction de « Charlie Hebdo » : tout le monde en parlait et en parle toujours sur internet comme à la télévision. C'était un choc pour tout le monde et un affront énorme à la liberté d'expression.
Je ne ressens pas le besoin de parler des événement eux-mêmes mais de l'hypocrisie cachée derrière le mouvement « Je suis Charlie », touchant au premier abord. C'était partout sur mon mur facebook et compte twitter, venant d'enfants n'ayant aucune idée de ce qu'est « Charlie Hebdo », de fascistes que je n'aurais jamais dû accepter comme amis, d'ados qui voulaient absolument participer à la nouvelle tendance. Je suis pourtant sure que certaines personnes (trop peu cependant) qui ont partagé ces images d'hommage sont de véritable lecteurs et « fans » du magazine satirique. Cet attentat m'a choquée, dégoûtée, mais n'ayant jamais lu ni acheté le magazine je ne me sens pas le « droit » de poster vingt photos par jour me disant « Charlie ». Maintenant soyons honnêtes, ces caricaturistes se moquaient de tout et tout le monde, ils étaient HAIS par le gouvernement qui essayait de les descendre. Ce même gouvernement qui les pleure maintenant, clamant à quel point il les aimait, chantant « La Marseillaise » durant des manifestations, L'HYMNE NATIONALE ! Je me retournerais dans ma tombe si cette « chanson » était chantée durant mon enterrement ! Imagine comment ces anarchistes anti-patriotiques doivent se sentirent (enfin...pas sentir non...) ? Imaginez à quel point ils se seraient foutus de votre gueule, vous qui postez pour être « à la mode », pour suivre une tendance nationale sans avoir jamais vu un seul de leurs dessins ? Ce qui nous manque en ce moment, ce sont ces 4 artistes amèrement hilarants pour moquer ce monde déséquilibré.
En plus de ça, avez vous entendu parler des 37 morts et 66 blessés aux Yémen ce même 7 janvier ? Attaque terroriste. Bombe. Tout le monde s'en fout, c'est normal dans ces pays n'est ce pas ? Pas surprenant que vous n'en ayez pas entendu parler, les infos étaient quasi-exclusivement portées sur ce qu'il s'est passé à Paris. Je suis loin d'être en train de dire que ce qu'il s'est passé à Charlie Hebdo n'est rien, mais s'il vous plaît, il est important de se souvenir que ce monde est taré et que des choses comme ça arrivent trop souvent, tout autour de la terre, tellement de gens sont tués. Douze personnes, ce n'est rien, 12 de trop, certes, mais qu'une addition minime aux centaines de milliers de personnes déjà mortes dans des attentats similaires.
Voilà tout, cet article était mon hommage à Cabus, Wolinski, Tignous, Charb et aux huit autres victimes, j'ai été honnête comme je pense qu'ils l'auraient été (en moins provocatrice et talentueuse).

A la prochaine pour un post que je vous promets beaucoup plus gai,