Zoeva complete brush set review

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Hello everybody^^

I've been wanting to upgrade my makeup game and « invest » in a good makeup brush set after using's crappy ones for a very long time. I was limited in the looks I could create because of the lack of good blending, crease brushes and of their overall poor quality. I thought about buying the sigma mrs bunny kit: ( but it was too expensive for my very skinnily delicate wallet so I gave a look at real technique's brushes:( but they didn't sell complete sets and I'm wayyy to lazy to order each brush separately. Then I stumbled upon Zoeva brushes (, halleluja! They are affordable, have good reviews online (I can already tell you you're reading one ) and are sold in a multitude of different kits, going from 4 brushes to 25, 35 to 185 euros. These brushes are made out of a mix of natural and synthetic hair and divided  in 3 ranges, the vegan one, the « normal » one and the luxe one (there also is a rosegold kit).

I hesitated a bit between the deluxe complete set:
and the classic one:
, chose the second one only because of the buffer foundation brush,  wich I really wanted to try .
It cost 7 euros to get them delivered to France and they came in 4 days in a cute little package.

The 6 face brushes and 9 eye brushes come in a gorgeous faux-leather black pouch with a bright pink lining. You also are given a more simple, travel friendly bag to protect your new babies.

All my appolgies, these are not my pictures (the ones I took where just awful). The brushes did come looking exactly as shown on the website though.

The face brushes :

104 Buffer : This dense brush is perfect to apply foundation, it did a great job with my rimmel wake me up foundation (quite thick) as well as with my very liquidy naked skin. Gave me the perfect airbrushed finish I was looking for.

102 silk finish : Same as for the buffer, the density is perfect to buff foundation quickly and to give it a flawless finish. I like the precedent brush a tiny bit more, as it is denser and a bit bigger (teeny tiny gain of time), but this one is still great! I found them both much better than the real technique expert face brush, which just dosn't work for me (patchy face here I come).

106 powder: It is pretty self explanatory, this brush is incredibely soft and nice to use, it is small enough to really target the areas you want to powder. Again, perfection !

142 concealer buffer: I use this one to conceale my undereye circles as well as any blemishes I might have. It applies and blends concealer quickly and seamlessely, without making it look cakey. A very good surprise.

128 cream cheek: So this one is supposed to be used as a blush brush. Since I think it is a bit small to serve this purpose, I use it as contouring brush and define my cheek bones whith it. Ironically, it turned out to be the best countouring brush I ever had, definitely a successfull reconversion !

110 face shape: I don't know why but I was expecting it to be a lot bigger and was surprise when I discovered it in the pouch. I personnaly found this brush too small and dense to contour my cheekbones, as it is impossible to apply bronzer without it looking harsh. But I do use it to contour my nose when I can be bothered. There is no problem with the brush, I am just to pale to go for the stong contour look this was made for.

The eye brushes :

227 soft definer: Love this brush for blending, it is dense enough to work quickly and effectively but not scratchy (do not expect a cuddely soft brush though) and It makes such a big difference! A must have if you want to step up your makeup game !

228 crease: the perfect crease brush! It is extremely soft, of an ideal size and just applies eyeshadow gorgeousely. One of my faves, to the point where I ask myself how I ever did my makeup whithout it.

223 petit eye blender: Perfect to achieve a very defined crease and outer V.

231 petit crease: This one is right between the crease brush and the petit eye blender, it can make your crease look as defined or smokey as you want it and is the perfect size. Gorgeous !

234 smokey shader: perfect to blend eyeshadow on the upper lash line, it combines density and softness, Yet another great brush.

235 Contour Shader: The angled shape makes this brush very useful to blend eyesadow (again) in the outer V, the fact that it's thin makes it perfect to use on the bottom lash line as well. This brush has no troubles coping with very dark colours, not a must have, but still a very good brush.

315 Fine Liner: The only real dissapointment of the kit. This brush came whith a piece of hair already sticking out because of the plastic protection. Impossible to use it whithout the eyeliner looking doubled up and messy.

317 Wing Liner: I just made my first attempt to gel eyeliner whith this tool. I was expecting it to be super hard but the thinness and precision of this brush makes it relatively easy (bare in mind this is coming from the clumsiest girl in the universe). It is perfect to really get the eyeliner close to your lashline.I still think I prefer felt tips, but a nice intense/dramatic gel wing is nice sometimes so I'll get some use out of this brush.

322 Brow Line: this one came as a revelation, I stopped unsing powder in my eyebrows a long time ago but since I wanted to review all the brushes I had received, I decided to go back into my trusty naked basics palette and fill in my brows. This brush gave them a great natural finish plus it did it very quickly. I am definitevely going back to using brow powder. 

Annnd that's it ! Now ask me, are these brush worth the money ? Yup Every single penny, I would even say that it's the best makeup investment I've made in a long time. They are soft, precise, well made ,the pouch in wich they come is very nice. Apart from the fine liner which I couldn't really try, every brush was a hit  (special mention to n.°104, 227,228 and 322 which are my absolute favorites!)

I hope you enjoyed this review and found it helpful,
See you soon,

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  1. Lovely piece and very detailed information, thank you! Now i have to ask you, I personally own the 223 petit eye blender and the 223 petit eye blender and they both lost their shape after washing them! It's because they have this particular shape and as much as i tried putting them in shape while they were wet, when they dried they were all fluffy and just not pointed at all anymore :( did that happen to you too? With any brushes?

    1. Hello,
      First of all thank you very much! To be honest I may not wash my brushes enough... but when I do it doesn't eem to damage them. They still are quite fluffy and pointy. I am very cafeful though... what product do you use ?

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