My resolutions for 2015

First of all, Happy new year ! Hope you had lots of fun (and champagne) celebrating with your friends/family, every excuse to party shall be grabbed! I was a bit reluctant to write this post, as I believe it is stupid to define a particular time of the year to move your life around. But there are a few things I want to change and why not do like everybody and use new year as an excuse/kick in the butt? These are some of the improvements/changes I'd like to make during 2015.

1-blogging : I only just started my blog, they are so many things I want to improve about it whether it is the content published, the photography (I need to learn how to use my very new camera,yeaaah) or overall it's design. I sincerely dislike the way my blog looks at the moment, as I find it very « amateur » like. The problem is I know nothing about html, how to code/design a blog or even get it done by somebody else. If you know anybody that could help me, it would be extremely sweet of you to tell me.

2-school : Reading is something I've always loved doing, but I feel as if I'm slacking on it at the moment, I stay glued to my laptop, and don't pick up my books as much. Same goes for my schoolwork (a post is coming soon about my experience in school, stay tuned for that), I don't work as much as I use to, one of my big resolutions fo 2015 is to get some work done (but still keep up with my blog) and expand my culture by getting back into my books.

3-sport : I had a few health issues in 2014, and unfortunately had to stop exercising. It was really annoying, as I abslutely love to work out. This year, I hope to get better and when that'll be, I would like to start boxing, try playing football, get back into horseriding, run a half marathon... just feel free and energized again ! At least, this year helped me realize how easy it is to miss something when it's taken from you (« oh you don't know what you've got 'til it's gone... »).

4-music : I'm currently in my last semester of violin lessons with the teacher I had since I was 6, as I'm going to move to England in the begginning of the summer, which makes me weirdly emotional. I'm going to try to make the most out of these 6 months, practice, play pieces I like, join a new orchestra, have fun and mabye give a few small « concerts ». Next year I also want to start getting back into my guitare, which I use to absolutely love playing, but stupidly stopped, descision that I now regret... A lot !

4-LIVE : Very simply. I just need to stop stressing so much, stop being so bossy and unpleasant to everybody, stop judging people so much, stop worrying about how I'm going to be seen by others, stop trying to plan everything, stop cringing and regretting most of the things I've done... 2015 is the year for me to be more open-minded, spontaneous, chilled, confidant  (allow myself to fail, to do thing imperfectly and to make mistakes) and overall easy to live with (I swear I'm a real pain in the ass sometimes).

That's a wrap, to be honest, 2014 has been a bit of a shitty year for me and I'm determined to turn things around in 2015 (because yes, I need to be a conformist and choose to act at the beginning of the year, like everybody). Let's just hope that these pretty words will last for more than two weeks. I'm thinking about doing a recapitulatif/conclusion about what I will have accomplished at the end of next year (see ? Planning again ! Definitely have place for improvement, hey ?).

Don't forget to let me know which are your new years resolutions, as I would love to hear about it.

See you next time,


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