Beauty products I actually need to buy

I don't know about you, but a problem I often have is that I constantly buy the same kind of beauty products and end up running out of others. For example, I have way too many eyeshadow palettes and lipsticks but I currently need foundation, and know I won't buy it until it is urgent. So as a quick post, I thought I would give you a list of the beauty things I actually need to buy !

-A foundation: as said earlier, I'm running out of my rimmel wake me up, which I can't find in France, so if you have any recommendations for a medium coverage, luminous founation, drugtore or high end (it doesn't matter) please leave them down below.

-A new nail buffer bloc: as mine is getting extremely gross and fairly hard to use.

-An instant dry topcoat: never have the patience to let my nail polish dry and end up screwing everything up, that's when a instant dry topcoat comes in handy.

-A nail base : you can tell how bad I am at taking care of my nails, can't you ?

-A highliter brush: I have every kind of makeup brush I can think of, apart from a highliter brush, which is a bit of a bummer, really. Any recommendations ?

-Some eyebrow powder: Ok, here I blame ignorance for not buying any. I really want Anastasia brow products, but unfortunately, they aren't sold in France. At the moment, I'm using a mixture of naked and faint (which are sowly disapeering) in my trusty naked basics, and can't find another match. Could use some help again here !

-A new eyeliner pencil: my rimmel one is now tiny and can't stand having to constantly sharpen it.

-A peach toned blush: Again, I own every shade of blush you could think of, apart from a peach one, which I think would look gorgeous in the winter/spring time.

-Lip liners: I know I shouldn't apply a lipstick without applying lip liner first, especially if it is red. I have never bought any but keep complaining whenever my lipstick smudges all over my face. Spot the problem.

-Moisturizing serum ; as it is the winter time now, my skin has been getting pretty dry, and girl you know those dry patches aren't looking good !

-Moisturizing face mask : I only own cleasing ones, but feel as if my skin needs a kick of moisture at the moment so it's the time to stop procrastinating and invest in some decent skin care.

-body scrub : Prenferently a quite harsh wintery smelling one, to really get rid of my dead skins cells.

I think that's it! Hopefully I'll manage to go past the lipstick counter and buy what I actually need (I stongly doubt so, but swear I'll give it a try) ! Please let me know wich are your favourite products of each categorie mentionned, and I'll see you next time !


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