Hello blog, this is me...

I forgot how difficult it was to write a blog post, after the pretty decent break I took from blogging. As I said in my previous article, I got started on a blog that didn't exactly represent who I am, and wasn't happy with its content. But my life is about to take a big turn, and with all the change in the air I was hoping to start over again and try to produce regular, quality content on Maddy's Moon.

The past month and a half has been very busy, packed with enriching  experiences and nice people. I've visited a friend (the one from Tours -give it a look-), spent hours exposing my pale bum to the sun in good company (no results tan wise, what did I expect ?). I did a week long work experience in a chocolaterie (This one, precisely) during which I learned a lot, I don't think I'll ever be able to eat « cheap » chocolate ever again in my life ! The chocolatier was so nice and welcoming, I regained a bit of my lost faith in humanity.

I'm writing all of that nonsense whislt on holiday and am being flooded by booming, 14th of july music. I'm not going to say I actually like the music, but it's the first time I've ever been to a holiday camp were the residents were sweet. Everybody seems to get a lot nicer now that I'm going away... I'm absolutely shattered, after spending the day playing tennis and biking around for 40km (talk about holidays!), but the Marais-Poitevin is beautiful and I'm glad I payed it a visit before going away. But you won't see this post until I come home, I promised myself I would take advantage of the poor internet here and not come close to a social media platform for a week.

I've had plans to leave France for a while now, and it's all coming together. My ticket to England is booked for the 28th of July. A complete change of scenery, a hoped for breath of fresh air, mabye ? I am excited, but saying I'm not afraid would be a lie : I've spent 13 years of my life in the butt-hole of the world village in which I live, I barely know anything else. I'm sure I'll be staying with my grand-parents for at least a month, and then...then I have no idea. But I'll keep you posted as soon as the bluriness that is my future wears out...

My computer is completly fucking up at th moment, but I'm going to do my best to find a way to keep you posted about my adventures.

Thank you for sticking with me through my come-back rant,
See you soon (promise)

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