In need of a change

I've been lacking inspiration about what to write on this blog lately. Even though there are tons of «100 blogposts ideas » out there on the internet, these preconceived ideas do not feel like me. I realised that whilst telling my mum « Oh crap, I have to blog today! Please give me an idea, anything would suit me! ». The problems are n°1:No, I do not HAVE to blog, I do it as a hobby and because I enjoy it, and n°2 : No, « anything » won't suit! I want my blog to be a place where I can talk about things that genuinely interests me, from products that I really want to share my thoughts about, to sweet places in my countryside, including revues of films/books that might interest you, well photographied original makeup looks, travel experiences (if I ever do travel), people that I find inspiring...
 I don't want to write just to be consistent and keep a schedule. Because what is the point of consisency if you continuously post crap?
 I want to be passionate and satified with the posts I wrap up, I want my pictures to look good, my texts to be nicely written, and most importantly, I want people to enjoy reading every single one of my articles, whether it's because they find them interesting, helpful, or simply pretty. 

So expect to see fewer posts in the future, but I promise I'l do my best to have them as polished and interesting as possible. Thank you for your understanding, and please excuse the typos and grammatical mistakes that might not have caught my tired and useless 11:PM eyes.

See you next time,


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