5 Shows i've finished/ am up to date with

The one thing you'll learn about me by scrolling through my blog is that I'm a looser. I drop out of things, am late to every single trend (just downloaded instagram and snapchat: maddymoon), hate what everybody seems to loves for no apparent reason... And of course that goes for TV shows too. I've only finished very few series, just because I tend to get bored with them. I hate Pretty Little Liars - running in circles- , can't stand The Walking Dead -too caricatural for me-, didn't enjoy Breaking Bag -boooring-, and lost track on the very shallow Gossip Girl. But here's a quintet of TV series that grabbed my attention, to the point where I watched every existing episode (what commitment). I'm not saying they're all good. Just very,very entertaining. Some of them are even popular (see,see, I'm NORMAL).

1 Malcolm in the Middle :

This show is my childhood. I've watched every single episode. 3 times. The little genious and his surrounding never failed to make my family and I laugh. Don't overlook this series because it's « a kid's show », I honestly think everybody could enjoy it. If you're feeling down and in need of an old school giggle, Malcolm In The Middle is the way to go.

2 The mentalist :

I can't believe this show's over. Even though it got out of breath and the ending was crappy, I know I'll miss chasing criminals whith the slightly psycopathic, extremely good looking Patrick Jane (played by Simon Baker, 'love Simon Baker) and his superiors. The cast from « the mentalist » is really good, the first few season are really the best but once you start watching, you just can't leave  the characters. If you're looking for a better- to my opinion- alternative to Dexter, you should give « The mentalist » a try.

3 American Horror Story :

This one combines good looking characters and entertaining stories. It's not brilliant, and far from being as scary as everybody describes it, but it's light and relatively fun to watch. I only finished AHS because every season has a different story, and -let's be honest- because I wanted to see who was going to be embodied by Evan Peters. To my opinion, the 2nd season is the best, and the 4th one a bit "meh". I'm still planning on watching the 5th season though, I heard it has Lady Gaga in it...we'll see how that goes.

4-Kyle XY :

You have no idea how painful it is for me to talk about this abruptly dicontinued show (not overly dramatic here Maddy...). The series got me sucked into it, I had a huuuuge crush on Matt Dallas, the storyline was perfect, I had watched all of the bonus stuff... And it got stopped. It was left hanging on the edge of a cliff. What?! I still highly recomment it though, if you want to have a brilliant time before being left sobbing from disappointment on your bed.

5 Games Of Thrones :

12th of april. The date is written on every notebook I own. The lauch day of GOT season 5. I cannot express how excited I am for it to come out, I already know that waiting between each episode, anxious to know if my favorite characters are going to make it, will be an absolute torture, but I'm up for it. I really didn't like he first season, but I pushed through it because it was « So Popular » and I'm glad I did. Games of Thrones is far from what I'm used to watching, Dragons, sex scenes, Middle Ages, aren't my thing. At all.So don't be reticent to the idea of spending hours glued to your TV in front of this gem, because it's « So Not You ». You'll regret it.

There you go. These are the five shows I've been loyal too. I hope you've enjoyed this post, don't forget to tell me which are your favorite series', whether you have watched any of those mentioned above and share your thoughts .

Have a lovely day,


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