A tour of Tours

I told you in my previous post that I was going on holiday to Tours, to visit a friend. I had an amazing time, both my friend and her family were exeptionnaly nice.
Fanny, if you stumble apon my post, thank you so much for a lovely week.

 On my first day there we visited the city of Tours (which has many more shops than Angoulême, surprisingly). We popped into a café (typical me), a few shops, a creperie (had an eggy crepe, no pictures, too hungry, sorry...), a shop selling mangas in which I made my little purchase (para-para-paradise) aaaand H&M (and now I'm hattyyyy). Unfortunately, we were too short of time for me to make a mess in sephora, 'still can't decide whether this is a good thing or not.
I'm now on a mission to take my family to Tours, because I feel like I need to taste a bagel from one of the numerous bagel restaurants of the city... plus they have a Sushi Shop !

The region of Touraine is known for its castles, another reason I want to go back with my family. On day two of my trip, my friend and I went to visit « Le clos Lucé », which used to be Leonardo Da Vinci's and Marguerite de Valois's castle. We had a sneeky peek into the genius's beautiful home, in which were exposed miniatures of his many, many inventions. This guy managed to be a painter, sculpter, biologist, inventor, event organizer... in only one life. I couldn't help but being impressed by his ingenuosity and the precocity of his ideas. He was a truly inspiring person, and the inventions reproduced on a bigger scale in the giant (wet) park of the castle, weren't there to prove the contrary.

Day three consisted of visiting the medieval village of Loches, since I didn't want to spend my entire holiday shoving my camera in my hosts' faces,I didn't take any pictures of the place. It was beautiful nonetheless, with its castle and dungeon, its paved streets, its market and its Yves Rocher...wait, what ? Yup' that happened, now my hands smell like a fruit pie.

These were the main « going out » parts of my trip but I spent at least as good a time chatting with a good friend (pianist, which made violin/piano duets possible), discovering the highly intellectual TV show « friends» (come on, I'm just 20 years late to the party!) and listening to her brilliant collection of CD (how can one have such perfect music tastes?).

So that was a little resumé of my vacation, I hope you enjoyed it and if you went on holiday recently and wrote a post about it, feel free to link it in the comments, I promise I'll give it a look.

See you soon,



Ce n'est qu’un au revoir...

Hi guys,
I just wanted to let you know that I'll be going on a four day holiday on sunday. I'm going to visit a friend who lives at a couple of hours train ride from my home. An adventure for the wuss I am!
I haven't scheduled any post for the follwing four days but I should come back to you with nice pictures and entertaining things to blog about (spoiler alert : some castle visits and shopping are going to happen ).
Have a lovely week,



Wanderlust part 2: Overseas

Welcome to the second installment of my wanderlust series, this time I'm going to stop being reasonable and share with you all of the places I would go to...If I won the lottery. As a big daydreamer, I had a look at the plain tickets for each of these destinations (come on, who doesn't do that?) and spent the rest of my day crying from despair (well...five minuts, realistically). Here are a few places I would kill to visit :

New York City, USA:
Obvious, I know... Who doesn't want to go to NYC ? I think I wouldn't know exactly what to look at in the big apple. The fashion ? Central park ? Bagels ? Ulta (hum...) ? A friend of mine is going to see the statue of liberty at the end of the year. She didn't invite me. She is no longer my friend.

Tokyo, Japan :
I've been a fan of japanese culture for as long as I can remember. I think I would have an absolute blast in Japan, as I love just about everything out there : the mangas, the food, the karaoke... In fact, one of my life goals is to get my hand on a green tea kitkat, in its natural habitat.

Sydney, Australia :
I don't know much about Sydney, but why not ? My cousin just went to Australia on holiday. He's not planning on coming back. I guess he enjoyed himself out there ! My secret love for the australian accent is slowly pushing me to a flight overseas.

Marrakech, Morocco :
This one isn't as inacessible, that doesn't mean it's not as attractive. The colors of Morrocco blow me away in every picture I see of the country. The people seem as nice as the traditionnal pastries are tasty... and that says a lot.

Montreal/Quebec, Canada :
Both of these cities look very active, full of parties and cultural stimulation. The french canadian accent is absolutely hilarious, and I love their humour.

Cape Town, South Africa :
Look at this picture and tell me you don't want to visit Cape Town. 'Nough said.

I have to blame Jenn from Clothesincounter for giving me an itch to visit Singapore. You can watch her vlogs here. Doesn't it look gorgeous ?

Here you go ! Hopefully I'll be able to visit these beautiful cities one day. Did you go to any of these corners of the world? Which countries do you want to visit ?

Have a lovely day,



Glowing bargain

When I started doing my makeup a couple of years ago, I used to dislike glowing skin. The reason for that was that my skin was pretty oily at the time, and I couldn't wear dewy foundation or highliter, as I would look like an greasy disco ball. Now, don't ask me why but my skin type recently changed, it became normal/nearly dry. I now have fewer spots and with that comes the possibility to indulge in some extremely dewy/light coverage foudations (again, Rimmel « Wake Me Up » is one of my favourites), as well as in some highliters.

In my hunt for the perfect touch of shimmer, I stumbled upon the H&M cosmetics highliter when I was sale shopping on their website without having many expectations. Needless to say I was wrong.

This baby gives a gorgeous shimmery glow, very much on the pink side. The texture is slightly powdery (for 5€, what did you expect ?) but totally « workable ». It has the perfect amout of pigmentation, far from being invisible, but not so pigmented you go overboard with it. I think it would look gorgeous on light/normal skintones, as it might be too pink for olive skins, and too light for black skin . 

I tend to reach over for it when I want a more subtil glow than the one given by the Mary-Lou Manizer, I amittedly don't like it as much, but for a quater of the price, it's absolutely worth the shot.
If you ever stumble upon this bargain buy, I recommend you to give it a go, you can't go wrong. If you did so, please tell me what your thoughs are about it.

See you next time ,



How much's my face worth?


I came across, this post by Keep Dreaming, really enjoyed it and decided I would shamelessly steel her idea and make myself very depressed too. I decided to start it slow though, with this primarely drugstore makeup look:

Maybelline dream pure BB cream (9,80€)
Rimmel wake me up concealer (7,80€)
Rimmel stay matte powder (5,50€)
Benefit Hoola bronzer (33,50 €)
Bourjois blush in healthy mix (12,60€)
H&M highliter (5€)

Maybelline color tatoo in On and On bronze (9,40€)
Naked 1 Palette (49,90 €)
L'oréal SuperLiner Perfect Slim (14€)
Rimmel khôl kajal in 001 black (4€)
Rimmel waterproof khôl kajal in nude (5,50€)
Maybelline The falsies mascara (10€)
Soap and Glory archery brow pencil (9,36€)

Rimmel kate Moss lipstick in n°19 (8€)

Total : 184,36€

Ouch...and I didn't even count the brushes/tools. This is absolutely insane! I guess I can't complain about being broke anymore... I would love to make the « how much is my face worth » into a series, please tell me if it interests you.

See you next time,


10 Things I hate that everybody loves

I'm a pretty weird girl with very bizarre taste: here are ten things I hate that everybody else seems to love.

-Butter: Just...yuk!
-painting my nails: This girl hasn't got the patience, aka, I put nail polish everywhere but on my nails.
-snow: Can't go anywhere...freeze my butt off. All the magic has dissapeard over the years...
-graphic tee's: I had an overdose in primary school. A well tailored, simple top looks a lot better to my eyes.
-small dogs: As my dad says "It's like a dog, but smaller". If you want a dog, why don't just just get the real thing (I'm joking guys)? I do have an immense soft spot for bulldogs though.
-Disney cartoons: I hate them so much, the moral, the nice ending... all the lies and unrealistic stupidity. Proof: I never saw frozen (yep', I'm serious!)
-Rom-Coms: Same as for the disneys, don't feed me your overflowing/sick/perfect/ideal love, it makes me want to throw up.
-Lazy days: I end up feeling like I'm going mad and wanting to kill everybody, 
-The walking dead: Tried to watch the first episode, it seemed incredibly over the top, I had to stop after twenty minutes.
-The Louis Vuitton print: I find it as ugly as it's expensive...Sorry.

On a more positive note, here are a few things I love that everybody hates:

-Branston pickle/pickled onions: So british, I know. Not good for the breath, but brilliant for...well I don't know, it's just disgustingly delicious.
-"Dense" books: Believe it or not, some of them really are interesting, as well as being well written. Don't missjudge dense, study books folks!
-Classical music: Same as for "dense" books. Some classical pieces are truly beautiful (but only if they contain a violin mwahaha).
-Tidying my room: I can't function properly in a messy room, so I learned to like cleaning it, that can be called adaptation, I guess?
-Studying: I find learning new things, whether it's alone or with a good teacher, very enjoyable.
-Working out: Especially running. It's liberating and makes me feel happy and powerful.

Enough of my weirdness,
hope you have a nice day,


Drugstore face

As a broke student, all I can say is that I'm very thankful for the existence of drugstore makeup. Although I love trying out high-end brands that stupidly tend to make me feel « classy » with their luxurious packagings, I have to admit that I'm glad there is the possibility to make my face look decent for a low price tag (about the same price as an eyeshadow palette and a powder in sephora). Here's an « all drugstore » make up look that you should be able to slap on in a minimal amout of time. Now let me warn you: there's nothing original about my choice of products, most of them are big 'hits' that you probably have already seen on youtube/blogs, I'm just going to build another layer of love and hype around them. If you're still in after that, let's get started !


Rimmel Wake me up foudation (11€) and concealer (7,50€) : I'm quite lucky in the way that, even as a teen, I don't have an oily or problematic skin (yet ?..) but a "normal" one. Which means I can wear about any foundation I want as long as its range contains a fair shade. The shade « ivory » (in both the foundation and concealer) is on the limit of being too dark, but doesn't overstep the mark. I've been in love with the dewy look given by this foundation for over a year, but I do think the matching concealer lacks a bit of coverage.

Rimmel stay matte pressed powder (5,50€) : Now what did I say about classics? This budget friendly, finely milled powder is a must have in your makeup collection. The transparent shade has been a staple of mine for years, please excuse the look of it, it comes everywhere with me and the crappy packaging (which is the only bad thing about this product) isn't in the best of shapes.

The body shop honey bronzer (19,50€) : This one is on the higher end of the drugstore, but too inexpensive to be classed as high-end. It's the first bronzer I have ever owned, and I absolutely love it! It's matte and comes in 4 shades, I have it in « light » (duh) and it's so pale you can't really go wrong, perfect for beginners (or not).

Bourjois little roundpot blush in 54 - rose frisson (12,60€): A very sheer pinky blush, for a natural "walk in the cold" flush that doesn't clash with my red lips.

Sleek makeup highliter (from the face form in light, 13€) : This contour kit is perfect for travelling, it's handy, very thin (I won't say sleek, I won't say sleek...) and all of the three colours are gorgeous. The pearl highliter itself isn't so pigmented you end up looking like a greaseball, but it still gives you a nice glow. I only used a tiny bit of it, since my foundation is already very dewy.


Maybelline color tatoo in on and on bronze (6,80€): Yet another cult product. One swipe on your lid (swipe, which, by the way, will last all day) and you're good to go !

Sleek eyeshadows (from the au natural palette, 10€) : I used the shimmery gold shade from the palette in the inner corners of my eyes, as well as the lightest shade on my tear duct and browbone, as a matte highlight.

Rimmel scandaleyes eyeliner in jet black (4€) and  waterproof eyeliner in nude (5,50€): Your basic, cheap eyeliners, I always put the black one on my tight line, to give the illusion of fuller lashes, and the nude one on my waterline, for bigger looking eyes. On me, these never last all day, but they stay disciplined for a good 5/6 hours and never give me panda eyes.

Maybelline the falsies mascara (11€) : Not bad stuff at all, it doesn't measure up to my Benefit "they're real" mascara (nothing does, really) but this product still gives my lashes a satisfying amount of length and volume when it's applied in a couple of coats.
Soap and Glory archery pencil (13,50€) : I only use the pencil side of this double ended magic wand because the felt tips always ends up streaky when it's paired whith my clumsieness. The archey pencil is, to my taste, the best brow product you can find in the drugstore, as it allows you to create natural looking brows in a minimal amount of time.

Rimmel Mate Moss Matte lipstick in 107 (7,50€): Another cult classic, simply because it's the perfect deep red matte lipstick, and that's not even reflected by the price tag!

Final look

Hope you enjoyed seeing my drugstore face
Have a lovely day,


Wanderlust part 1: Europe

Travelling aound the world is one of my life goals. The only countries I ever went to are France and England, but I would love to dicover new cultures, new ways of living, eating, different architecture... There are so many places I fancy visiting, but today I wanted to concentrate on the more accessible ones, showing you the city/countries that I would choose to go to first, if for some reason I had the opportunity to go on a trip across Europe.

1 Milan/Italy
Actually, I find all of Italia super attractive, a tour of this entire country would be a dream : Rome, Milan, Venice, Pizz...I heard so many good things about « the boot » (well, if you don't plan to LIVE there, you know, as a stranger...). To be honest, I know very little about this country, yet another reason to discover it all.

2 Berlin/Germany
Germany wasn't on my « to visit » list, until I saw this blog post by gh0stparties, now it's right on the top of it! Berlin looks like such a creative, colourful city, with so much history and, being underaged, you can be sure I'm not saying that because of the beer !

3 Madrid/ Spain
Madrid more than Barcelona because I want to use my newly acquired spanish skills. And come on, it's not THAT far from where I live, an absolute must!

4 Budapest/ Hungary
« My awesome Budapest, my hidden treasure chest... » (George Ezra). That's about all I know about Budapest though, apart from the fact that it looks amazingly beautiful, which is enough for me to want to give it a visit.

5 Santorini/Greece
I am going to blame the british crew of youtubers, for giving me that sudden hurge to go spend a holiday in Santorini. This city looks so surreal, all blue and white, surrounded by the sea, it looks a lot like a film set. Plus, I would kill for some good greek yogurt (not the crappy thing I have in my local supermarket).

That's it guys, these are a few more accessible europeean places I'm planning on visiting one day. I'm going to be making my Wanderlust posts into a series, next time I'll tuck into my dream destinations from all over the world.

Which places do you want to visit ?

See you next time,



Comic stip festival/Festival de la BD


If you follow me on twitter, you might know that, living near Angoulême, I had the chance to go to the International comic strip festival (website here) which takes place in the city every year (from the 29th to the 31st of january in 2015). I only went for one day and had an absolute blast. I was very disappointed last year, the weather was horrible, the exhibitions a bit boring and the ambiance not very nice. This year was a lot more fun, despite the rain and extreme security mesures taken because of the attack at Charlie Hebdo's office (my thoughts about it here). Even the cops and security gards seemed nice and happy to be there. My mother and I didn't go to the conferences, just a few exhibitions and it was enough to get us absolutely knackered by the end of the day (Angoulême feels A LOT bigger when you run around it twice in order to make the most out of the animation). Seeing different people from all over the world was another thing I thouroughly enjoyed, getting a change from the same sad old faces we usually cross, the sleepy city was transformed into a busy cosmopolitan ant-hill.
Si vous me suivez sur twitter, vous savez peut être que, en tant que presque habitante d'Angoulême (bon heu...40 km quand même), j'ai eu la chance d' aller au Festival International de la Bande Dessinée (lien ici) qui s'y tient tous les ans (du 29 au 31 janvier cette année). Je n'y suis allée qu'une seule journée, et me suis beaucoup amusée. L'année dernière, le festival avait été un peu décevant: temps pourri, expositions un peu ennuyeuses, ambiance relativement mauvaise... Cette année était bien meilleure, malgré la pluie et les mesures de sécurité extrêmes prises après l'attaque de Charlie Hebdo (vous pouvez lire ce que j'en pense juste ici). Même les policiers et gardes de sécurité étaient agréables et avaient l'air content d'être là. Ma mère et moi n'avons pas assisté aux conférences, mais avons fait le tour des expos nous intéressant, c'était bien assez pour nous retrouver claquées à la fin de la journée (Angoulême paraît BIEN plus grand quand on en fait le tour plusieurs fois afin de profiter au mieux des animations). Voir des gens différents, venant du monde entier était très agréable, pour changer un peu des mêmes visages ternes vus au quotidien. La ville, normalement grise et terne, s'est transformée le temps d'un week-end, en une fourmilière cosmopolite.

We started the day off (gluey eyed from an early wake up call) with an exhibition by a publishing house called « L'employé du mois » (employee of the month), they had made this insanely cool miniature building, filled with moving characters representing artists and office workers at their desks. The rest of the room was full of the pictures of employees and comics they had created which people had the opportunity to read extracts on a luminous screen .
On a commencé la journée (trop tôt et déjà épuisées) par l'exposition d'une maison d'édition  « L'employé du mois ». Il avaient construit un immeuble miniature absolument dément, rempli de personnages mouvants représentant des dessinateurs et employés de bureau au travail. Le reste de la pièce était plein de photos d'employés de la boite et des BD qu'ils ont crées, nous donnant la possibilité de lire certaines d'entre elles sur un écran lumineux.

Then up a hill we went, passing by this beautiful collage (this one is permanent, you can find plenty of these in Angoulême).
En montant la colline (ho hisse, la saucisse), on a pu admirer ce collage (celui ci est permanent, la ville en est remplie).

We had a look at the « Young talents » place, proposing signings and displaying drawings from young and talented artists, representing the different art schools in Angoulême (god knows there are many : video games, comics, films...) and I obviously got a bit too exited discovering that a japanese-manga school was going to open, before I rememebered that I'll be moving to England this summer and that I don't even have my bac...
Guillaume Chauchat was also showing the sculptures and drawings he made, using minimalistic lines (it seems obvious, I know but he was really good) !
Un arrêt s'est imposé chez les « Jeunes talents », ou étaient proposées des dédicaces, affichés des dessins faits par de jeunes artistes talentueux et représentées les différentes écoles d'art d'Angoulême (ce n'est pas ça qui manque : jeu vidéo, Bande Dessinée, film...). Je n'ai pas pu contenir mon enthousiasme quand j'ai vu qu'une école du manga et de l'art japonais s’apprêtait à ouvrir, avant de réaliser que 1: je déménage en Angleterre cet été et que 2 : je n'ai absolument pas mon bac...
Dans un coin de la pièce, Guillaume Chauchat exposait les sculptures et dessins faits à partir de lignes minimalistes (ça paraît évident, je sais, mais il est excellent) !

We then took our bags and camera up to the « collectionneur » place, in which you can find extremely expensive, sought after comics, as well as cheap old damaged ones, cards and comic related gadgets, there even was a japanese snack stand, which I wanted to buy. Yes the entire stand. No I will never pay 5€ for a kit kat. I got a free card though, isn't it cute ?
Puis nous avons monté nos sacs et caméra jusqu'au « stand des collectionneurs », dans lequel on peut aussi bien trouver des BD extrêmement chères (et recherchées) que de vieux livres abîmés, des cartes, des bibelots... Il y avait même un stand de snack japonais que j'étais très tentée d'acheter. Oui, tout le stand. Non je ne paierai pas 5€ pour un kit kat. J'ai eu une carte gratuite par contre, hein qu 'elle est trop gnonne ?

And wet we went to the « Little Asia » stand, now if you have been follwing me for a while, you'll know that I've been a fan of japanese culture and mangas for as long as I can remember. This place was filled with japanese artwork, representing publishing houses and displaying mangas in their original language (Japanese has always been on my « To learn » list), I dicovered brilliant artbooks, on which I would jump if they ever got translated. I would move and live in this bubble anytime.
Et c'est mouillées que nous nous sommes rendues au stand « Little Asia », si vous me suivez depuis un petit moment, alors vous savez que j'ai toujours été passionnée de manga et de culture japonaise. Cet endroit était rempli d'art nippon, représentant différentes maisons d'éditions, exposant des mangas dans leur version originale (parler japonais à toujours été sur la liste des « choses que je veux apprendre »). J'ai découvert des albums magnifiques, sur lesquels je me jetterais si jamais ils étaient traduits. Je déménagerais pour vivre dans cette bulle sans l'ombre d'une hésitation.

To continue our journey, we took part in the « Kinky and Cosy » experience : an interactive exhibition, comporting videos, « questionnaires » and even sweets... This one was a bit of a pain in the arse, although very well made, it was a little heavy, the voices of the presenters were too loud, annoying, they weren't my kind of drawings...but it was quality stuff and the rest of the audience seemed to really enjoy it.
Pour poursuivre notre épopée, nous avons pris part à l'expérience « Kinky and Cosy » : une expo interactive, incluant vidéo, questionnaires et même des bonbons … J'ai très moyennement apprécié, bien que bien faite, cette exposition était un peu lourde, les voix des « présentateurs » plutôt agaçantes, trop fortes, les dessins n'étaient pas mes préférés...mais je dois admettre que la qualité était au rendez-vous et que le reste de l'audience à eu l'air de beaucoup apprécier.

Thankfully, I adored the following exhibitions, about Robert Johnson 's and other bluesmen's life, seen by 4 different artists (my personnal favourite was Mezzo), you could see all of the different styles, interpretations of the life of these giants of the blues, admire powerful drawings... even the room in which everything was displayed was beautiful. Sorry about the "non-frontalness" of the pictures, there were so many people it was hard even to take some.
Heureusement, j'ai adoré l'exposition suivante, autour de Robert Johnson et d'autres bluesmen, leur vie vue par 4 différents dessinateurs (avec un préférence personnelle pour Mezzo), on pouvait discerner les différents styles, les différentes interprétations de la vie de ces géants du blues, admirer ces dessins bourrés de sens... La salle elle-même était magnifique. Excusez moi pour le « manque de frontalité » dans les photos, la foule rendait le fait même d'en prendre compliqué.

After lunch break (yummm store bought sandwich, no pictures for you, sorry), we attacked « the big bubble », the one you almost leave 100€ lighter every time, this one is like a giant store, filled with comics from the biggests editors : Glénat, Soleil and all of their « friends ». Signings were offered by many renowned artists, people were everywhere, forming queues, elbowing each other... I discovered (probably between the armpits of an old man and the nintendo of a schoolboy) numerous albums that I thought were beautiful, it was a struggle for me to save the little money I had, in order to purchase what I had in mind. I hope I'll be able to give them a read at the library though.
Après la pause déjeuner (un délicieux sandwich de supermarché, pas de photos pour vous...désolée), on a attaqué « La grosse Bulle », celle que vous quittez avec presque 100€ en moins, celle là ressemble à une librairie géante, remplie de Bandes Dessinées produites par le géants de l'édition : Glénat, Soleil et tous leurs « amis ». Des dédicaces sont proposées par de nombreux artistes renommés, les gens étaient partout, formant des queues, jouant des coudes... J'ai pu découvrir (sûrement entre les aisselles d'un vieux monsieur et la nintendo d'un collégien) de nombreux albums que j'ai trouvé magnifiques, et ai entrepris une bataille avec moi même pour ne pas dépenser le peu d'argent que j'avais pour acheter ce qui me trottait dans la tête (une fois n'est pas coutume, j'ai gagné). J'ai espoir de pouvoir un jour emprunter ces œuvres à la bibliothèque.

Here's what I had in mind... I'm a big fan of Maliki (website)(if it exists in the UK/US, do yourself a favor, give it a look/laugh), and turns out the author realeased another comic (Hello Fucktopia, brilliant stuff) as well as a novel (« The other girl in the mirror» totally different from what he normally does, in the process of being read). I believe both of them ended up in the right place : my bag. When I went back to the Ankama stand for the signings, there was no space left and I didn't feel like queuing for an hour anyway.
En parlant de ce que j'avais en tête... Je suis une grande fan de Maliki (site), (si jamais vous croisez un de ces albums, rendez-vous un service, lisez le) et il se trouve que l'auteur de ces albums hilarants à récemment sorti un nouvelle BD (Hello Fucktopia, absolument géniale) comme un roman (« L'autre fille dans le miroir»très différent de ce qu'il fait normalement, en cours de lecture). Je suis convaincu qu'ils ont atterri au bon endroit : mon sac. Quand je suis retournée au stand Ankama pour les dédicaces, il n'y avait plus de place, et de toute façon, je n'avais pas la patience d'attendre une heure.

We had a look at the « Chinese bubble » another of my favourites. It was fascinating to dicover how different the art across one country could be. The paintings and drawings went from black and white to super colourful, very old fashioned to futuristic... And, typically, seeing the comics for sale in their original language, Mandarin or cantonese landed on my « To learn » list (I might need to get working now, sigh...).
On a jeté un œil à la «Bulle Chinoise », une autre de mes préférées. C'était fascinant de découvrir à quel point l'art peut être différent d'un bout à l'autre d'un pays. Les peintures et dessins allaient du noir et blanc à l'ultra-coloré, du très classique à l'indécemment futuriste... Et c'est tout naturellement (et humblement), qu'en voyant les BD chinoises à vendre en VO, que le cantonnais ou le mandarin sont venu s'ajouter à ma liste de choses à apprendre (heuu... y'a du boulot...)

There were churros... I sinned...not sorry !
Des chichis étaient sur mon chemin...j'ai pêché ne m'excuserai pas !

The « independant editor » tent was our next stop, another commercial one, much smaller, a little less crowded. I remember this bubble as being the highlight of last year's festival, it wasn't as good this time as it wasn't as big and diverse, couldn't help but feeling spendy though, guess it's the power of art...
La tente des éditeurs indépendants était le lieu de notre prochain arrêt, une autre bulle commerciale, beaucoup plus petite, moins débordante. Si cette bulle avait été le point fort du festival 2013, elle n'était pas à la hauteur cette année, pas aussi grande ni diversifiée, ceci dit je n'ai pas pu m'empêcher de vouloir tout acheter, le pouvoir de l'art ?

I snapped a picture of a sign in the stairs going up to Alex Barbier's exhibition : it litterally translates to « message to parents and teachers, a few erotic images shown in this exhibition might offend younger visitors ». Yes there were butts. And penises. The paintings themselves weren't my favourite (hence the lack of pictures), although I can't help but acknowledge and repect the talent of the artist.
J'ai pris une photo d'un avertissement dans les escaliers menant à l'exposition sur Alex Barbier. Oui il y avait des fesses. Et des penis. Même si les peintures elles-mêmes n'étaient pas particulièrement à mon goût (d'où le manque d'images), je ne peux dénier le talent de l'artiste, que je respecte beaucoup.

Coffee break, at the Phénix (a blog post will arrive at one point, keep you eyes peeled), nothing better than an shot of caffeine to get us back onto our sore, sore feet.
Pause café au Phénix (un article à ce sujet chemine), rien de mieux qu'un shoot de caféine pour nous remettre sur nos (ô combien douloureux) pieds.

Our last exhibition of the day was one on Jirô Taniguchi. Now let me tell you, this man is THE master, his drawings speak for themselves. So many details, whether it is in monochrome or in colour. I admire his work so much, I would buy every single one of his albums if they weren't 40€ each... Speaking of albums, he produced 3 in 6 months last year, without letting the quality of his work suffer from it. I think this exhibition was absolutely incredible, well constructed and a perfect ending to our day.
La dernière exposition de la journée portait sur Jirô Taniguchi. Il m'est difficile de dire autre chose que « cet homme est LE maître », ses dessins parlent d'eux mêmes. Tellement de détails, que ce soit dans ses œuvres monochromes ou en couleurs. J'admire tellement son travail que j'achèterais chacun de ses albums, s'ils n'étaient pas 40€ pièce. En parlant d'albums, ce bourreau de travail en a produit 3 en 6 mois l'année dernière, sans laisser leur qualité en pâtir. J'ai trouvé cette exposition absolument incroyable, bien construite, la cerise sur le gâteau qu'était cette journée.

I know there was an exhibiton in tribute to Charlie Hebdo, but it stays open even after the festival, I'm thinking about going when the hype's died down a bit and when it'll be less crowded.
Je sais qu'il y avait un expo-hommage à Chalie Hebdo, mais celle ci reste ouverte après le festival, j'irai y faire un tour quand le soufflé aura dégonflé un peu et ce sera moins bondé.

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed my rambling about a great day spent in Angoulême.
Voila tout, j'espère que vous avez apprécié mon babillage sur la très bonne journée passée à Angoulême.

See you next time,
A une prochaine fois,