Weirdest quotes from my school teachers

I think all kids tend to idolise adults, submit to their authority and  consider everything they say as the truth. But here I am to break the myth whith a few (real) funny/stupid quotes from different ex-teachers of mine, enjoy :

-« There are no hôtels in England, only bed and breakfasts »

-« There are very few varieties of cheese in England »

-« Birds don't get shocked on eletric wires because they have a special thing on their feets » (100% real, I promise)

-« Every North African has fuzzy hair »

I one day corrected my teacher for using « can » instead of « may » she responded :
-« Yes, you're right, but that's not on this year's curriculum »

- « Most of you aren't going to finish the year, but that's a good thing because the classes are overcrowded anyways »

-« It's normal you failed the test about last year's program, science has shown that you only remember ?% of the information you intake in class » 

- « No, she can't be cheating, she's a good student » (she was very, very cheating indeed)

A teacher had a tantrum and just screamed :
- « I want a copybook, buy a copybook » (humm, would work better if you stamped your feet ?)

- « Why do you only have a mobile phone number, your family can't afford to buy a home phone ? »

- « Raise your hand to ask if you may go to the toilet » (guess who peed her pants?)

- « Don 't fart in the classroom, ask if you might (cross the entire playground ) go to the toilet »

- « If you don 't have a mobile, it means your parents don't think you're responsible »

-  « If you're bored in class, try homeschooling » 

Here we go, these are a few phrases that lulled my child (and teenage)hood.
Hope this post's made you laugh,
I would love to hear stupid phrases you've grown up hearing, please leave a comment down below,

See you soon,

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