To do...

To the big procrastinator that I am here are a few thing you are now going to have to do, because you've just commited to them in front of the entire internet.

Find yourself a spanish teacher : Being homeschooled (post about all that right here if you're interested) means I have no other teacher than myself. Which, when you're supposed to learn a language is a bit of a bummer. I'm currently looking for a spanish boy/girl who would teach me his language against babysitting or english/french/violin lessons. Finding one isn't an easy task.

Go snoop around for job experiences : There are a few places in my countryside in which I would love to do some work experience, but either there is an insurance problem, transport problem or I'm just too shy/scared to ask. I decided I would stop being a woos (oh, there's a post on that to, just here) and ask the buisness owners if I can come and bother them for a week or so.

Get back into your school work : Not gonna lie. I've been slacking a bit on my school work lately. It's now time to pick myself up, sit at my desk and again realise how much I like working.

Go and ask about the short story contest : I've heard about a short-story competition in Angoulême, which has for theme « public transport ». Since I love writing, I think I'm going to participate (got' nothing to loose have I?) but beforehand, I need to ask a few questions about the rules. In town. 45 mins away from my home. Happy there's public transport huh ?

Cook something new : I always cook the same things, stick to meals I know I love and never get out of my comfort zone. My « recipe I want to try » list is suuuper long but I never seem to actually try new dishes. Time for a change!

Read a « proper » book : I'm not in a « reading mood » at the moment, all I seem to be able to ingurgitate are mangas and light hearted short story books. But I have to remember that reading the classics is a huuge part of my course for the Bac. Careful, Zola, I'm coming...

Here you go, these are the things you have to do, you egocentric, third-person speaker.

See you next time,

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