Chopping it off

I made my decision. I'm going to chop them off. Chop of the locks I've been groing for a year and a half now. Nothing too extreme though, as I'm planning to hop on the « lob » (long-bob) bandwagon. So many celebrities have made « the cut » last year, and it tends to look amazing on every single one of them, independently of their hair color and texture. I have a fair amout of hair, that easily get frizzy/wavy, depending on its mood, so I gathered up a few of my favorite « celebrity lobs », keeping myself away from the straight ones I know I'll never achieve. Hopefully a pre-summer makeover will rejuvanate my dry-broken mane.
What is your opinion about the «lob »? (can't get enough of that word, sorry...)
1:Ciara - 2:Ashley Benson - 3:Kate Mara - 4:Lily Collins 5:Ashley Green - 6:Camilla Bell

Have a Lovely day,

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