My one True match

I caved in. I bought the uber-hyped, very well loved, « True match » foundation by l'Oréal. I'm the last person to belive in astrolgy/signs/god/fate and all the rest, but I'm going to defend myself by telling you it was meant to be. I saw my shade (the lightest, obviously) available in store for the first time, the same day I started to realise I was running out of my beloved « match perfection » foundation by rimmel. This used to be my staple « Not risky, not dewy, not matt, medium coverage, last a good amount of time foundation . Let me tell you it has been dethroned.

First of all, l'Oréal true match's packaging is flawless. Not beautiful, not luxurious, but practical (thanks to the pump) and sturdy . The foudation has a medium but buildable coverage, and one pump tends to be enough for me to cover my entire face, hiding everything that needs hiding, whithout giving a cakey finish at all. The product is quite liquidy, which makes it very light-weight and comfortable on the skin. But what surprised me the most was the drugstore gem's lasting power : I wore it for over fifteen hours the other day (yeah, I know, not good) , and at the end of that, it still looked pretty damn decent ; not fresh (come on, which foundation would look fresh after all that sweaty time?), but not all over the place either. Bear in mind that I have normal skin though, I don't know what it would look like on an oilier skin-type.

Now I believe this foundation comes in 13 shades in France, R1-C1  « rose Ivory » being the lightest and my perfect color match (pink toned, super fair) and retails for 15,50€ here (but I actually found it a lot cheaper in store). It's worth every single penny, as I think the quality of this product lives up to many high end foundations.

I'm still open for any good foundation subjection though, feel free to leave some in the comments.

See you soon,


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