A tour of Tours

I told you in my previous post that I was going on holiday to Tours, to visit a friend. I had an amazing time, both my friend and her family were exeptionnaly nice.
Fanny, if you stumble apon my post, thank you so much for a lovely week.

 On my first day there we visited the city of Tours (which has many more shops than Angoulême, surprisingly). We popped into a café (typical me), a few shops, a creperie (had an eggy crepe, no pictures, too hungry, sorry...), a shop selling mangas in which I made my little purchase (para-para-paradise) aaaand H&M (and now I'm hattyyyy). Unfortunately, we were too short of time for me to make a mess in sephora, 'still can't decide whether this is a good thing or not.
I'm now on a mission to take my family to Tours, because I feel like I need to taste a bagel from one of the numerous bagel restaurants of the city... plus they have a Sushi Shop !

The region of Touraine is known for its castles, another reason I want to go back with my family. On day two of my trip, my friend and I went to visit « Le clos Lucé », which used to be Leonardo Da Vinci's and Marguerite de Valois's castle. We had a sneeky peek into the genius's beautiful home, in which were exposed miniatures of his many, many inventions. This guy managed to be a painter, sculpter, biologist, inventor, event organizer... in only one life. I couldn't help but being impressed by his ingenuosity and the precocity of his ideas. He was a truly inspiring person, and the inventions reproduced on a bigger scale in the giant (wet) park of the castle, weren't there to prove the contrary.

Day three consisted of visiting the medieval village of Loches, since I didn't want to spend my entire holiday shoving my camera in my hosts' faces,I didn't take any pictures of the place. It was beautiful nonetheless, with its castle and dungeon, its paved streets, its market and its Yves Rocher...wait, what ? Yup' that happened, now my hands smell like a fruit pie.

These were the main « going out » parts of my trip but I spent at least as good a time chatting with a good friend (pianist, which made violin/piano duets possible), discovering the highly intellectual TV show « friends» (come on, I'm just 20 years late to the party!) and listening to her brilliant collection of CD (how can one have such perfect music tastes?).

So that was a little resumé of my vacation, I hope you enjoyed it and if you went on holiday recently and wrote a post about it, feel free to link it in the comments, I promise I'll give it a look.

See you soon,


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  1. Amazing pictures, Maddy! I want that Yves Rocher hand cream;)

    1. Thanks a lot:).The hand cream smells absolutely amazing!

  2. Your pictures are so wonderful and your blog too!
    Thanks to you ! Fanny :p