Drugstore face

As a broke student, all I can say is that I'm very thankful for the existence of drugstore makeup. Although I love trying out high-end brands that stupidly tend to make me feel « classy » with their luxurious packagings, I have to admit that I'm glad there is the possibility to make my face look decent for a low price tag (about the same price as an eyeshadow palette and a powder in sephora). Here's an « all drugstore » make up look that you should be able to slap on in a minimal amout of time. Now let me warn you: there's nothing original about my choice of products, most of them are big 'hits' that you probably have already seen on youtube/blogs, I'm just going to build another layer of love and hype around them. If you're still in after that, let's get started !


Rimmel Wake me up foudation (11€) and concealer (7,50€) : I'm quite lucky in the way that, even as a teen, I don't have an oily or problematic skin (yet ?..) but a "normal" one. Which means I can wear about any foundation I want as long as its range contains a fair shade. The shade « ivory » (in both the foundation and concealer) is on the limit of being too dark, but doesn't overstep the mark. I've been in love with the dewy look given by this foundation for over a year, but I do think the matching concealer lacks a bit of coverage.

Rimmel stay matte pressed powder (5,50€) : Now what did I say about classics? This budget friendly, finely milled powder is a must have in your makeup collection. The transparent shade has been a staple of mine for years, please excuse the look of it, it comes everywhere with me and the crappy packaging (which is the only bad thing about this product) isn't in the best of shapes.

The body shop honey bronzer (19,50€) : This one is on the higher end of the drugstore, but too inexpensive to be classed as high-end. It's the first bronzer I have ever owned, and I absolutely love it! It's matte and comes in 4 shades, I have it in « light » (duh) and it's so pale you can't really go wrong, perfect for beginners (or not).

Bourjois little roundpot blush in 54 - rose frisson (12,60€): A very sheer pinky blush, for a natural "walk in the cold" flush that doesn't clash with my red lips.

Sleek makeup highliter (from the face form in light, 13€) : This contour kit is perfect for travelling, it's handy, very thin (I won't say sleek, I won't say sleek...) and all of the three colours are gorgeous. The pearl highliter itself isn't so pigmented you end up looking like a greaseball, but it still gives you a nice glow. I only used a tiny bit of it, since my foundation is already very dewy.


Maybelline color tatoo in on and on bronze (6,80€): Yet another cult product. One swipe on your lid (swipe, which, by the way, will last all day) and you're good to go !

Sleek eyeshadows (from the au natural palette, 10€) : I used the shimmery gold shade from the palette in the inner corners of my eyes, as well as the lightest shade on my tear duct and browbone, as a matte highlight.

Rimmel scandaleyes eyeliner in jet black (4€) and  waterproof eyeliner in nude (5,50€): Your basic, cheap eyeliners, I always put the black one on my tight line, to give the illusion of fuller lashes, and the nude one on my waterline, for bigger looking eyes. On me, these never last all day, but they stay disciplined for a good 5/6 hours and never give me panda eyes.

Maybelline the falsies mascara (11€) : Not bad stuff at all, it doesn't measure up to my Benefit "they're real" mascara (nothing does, really) but this product still gives my lashes a satisfying amount of length and volume when it's applied in a couple of coats.
Soap and Glory archery pencil (13,50€) : I only use the pencil side of this double ended magic wand because the felt tips always ends up streaky when it's paired whith my clumsieness. The archey pencil is, to my taste, the best brow product you can find in the drugstore, as it allows you to create natural looking brows in a minimal amount of time.

Rimmel Mate Moss Matte lipstick in 107 (7,50€): Another cult classic, simply because it's the perfect deep red matte lipstick, and that's not even reflected by the price tag!

Final look

Hope you enjoyed seeing my drugstore face
Have a lovely day,

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  1. I see so many of my favourite products in this post, I love that body shop bronzer and that maybelline mascara.

    1. I saw your 2014 favourites and we share so many favourites^^, thanks for the read :-).