Glowing bargain

When I started doing my makeup a couple of years ago, I used to dislike glowing skin. The reason for that was that my skin was pretty oily at the time, and I couldn't wear dewy foundation or highliter, as I would look like an greasy disco ball. Now, don't ask me why but my skin type recently changed, it became normal/nearly dry. I now have fewer spots and with that comes the possibility to indulge in some extremely dewy/light coverage foudations (again, Rimmel « Wake Me Up » is one of my favourites), as well as in some highliters.

In my hunt for the perfect touch of shimmer, I stumbled upon the H&M cosmetics highliter when I was sale shopping on their website without having many expectations. Needless to say I was wrong.

This baby gives a gorgeous shimmery glow, very much on the pink side. The texture is slightly powdery (for 5€, what did you expect ?) but totally « workable ». It has the perfect amout of pigmentation, far from being invisible, but not so pigmented you go overboard with it. I think it would look gorgeous on light/normal skintones, as it might be too pink for olive skins, and too light for black skin . 

I tend to reach over for it when I want a more subtil glow than the one given by the Mary-Lou Manizer, I amittedly don't like it as much, but for a quater of the price, it's absolutely worth the shot.
If you ever stumble upon this bargain buy, I recommend you to give it a go, you can't go wrong. If you did so, please tell me what your thoughs are about it.

See you next time ,


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