10 Things I hate that everybody loves

I'm a pretty weird girl with very bizarre taste: here are ten things I hate that everybody else seems to love.

-Butter: Just...yuk!
-painting my nails: This girl hasn't got the patience, aka, I put nail polish everywhere but on my nails.
-snow: Can't go anywhere...freeze my butt off. All the magic has dissapeard over the years...
-graphic tee's: I had an overdose in primary school. A well tailored, simple top looks a lot better to my eyes.
-small dogs: As my dad says "It's like a dog, but smaller". If you want a dog, why don't just just get the real thing (I'm joking guys)? I do have an immense soft spot for bulldogs though.
-Disney cartoons: I hate them so much, the moral, the nice ending... all the lies and unrealistic stupidity. Proof: I never saw frozen (yep', I'm serious!)
-Rom-Coms: Same as for the disneys, don't feed me your overflowing/sick/perfect/ideal love, it makes me want to throw up.
-Lazy days: I end up feeling like I'm going mad and wanting to kill everybody, 
-The walking dead: Tried to watch the first episode, it seemed incredibly over the top, I had to stop after twenty minutes.
-The Louis Vuitton print: I find it as ugly as it's expensive...Sorry.

On a more positive note, here are a few things I love that everybody hates:

-Branston pickle/pickled onions: So british, I know. Not good for the breath, but brilliant for...well I don't know, it's just disgustingly delicious.
-"Dense" books: Believe it or not, some of them really are interesting, as well as being well written. Don't missjudge dense, study books folks!
-Classical music: Same as for "dense" books. Some classical pieces are truly beautiful (but only if they contain a violin mwahaha).
-Tidying my room: I can't function properly in a messy room, so I learned to like cleaning it, that can be called adaptation, I guess?
-Studying: I find learning new things, whether it's alone or with a good teacher, very enjoyable.
-Working out: Especially running. It's liberating and makes me feel happy and powerful.

Enough of my weirdness,
hope you have a nice day,

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  1. I really don't like the Louis Vuitton pattern either! Although I absolutely adore small dogs ha // UK Fashion Blog

    1. Thanks a lot for reading! What's your favorite dog breed then^^?

  2. haha i have to agree with a few of these! i can't believe someone could hate lazy days though haha xo

    1. Thank you for reading...I just think I'm a weirdo really XD.

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