My christmas wishlist

As you may have noticed,the inernet and the world in general are getting very christmassy. To follow along and join the hollyness I thought it might be a good idea to present you my christmas whishlist. Before I get started I just wanted to say that I'm really not expecting or even asking to get all of these gifts. There are just a few ideas, if you ever lack inspiration on what to ask for or offer.So let's get into it !

1: A decent camera : I feel really serious about blogging but unfortunattely, the camera I'm currently using is terrible.I know that it is asking a lot though, so if I don't happen get it at christmas, I'll save up and fight to finaly have some pretty pictures to accompany my posts !

2: Gucci's guilty perfume : I watched a video in wich Casey Holmes recommended this perfume, I gave it a sniff and since then feel the need to spray it everytime I go into sephora, it's gorgeous !

3: A nice wallet has been on my wishlist for a long time, I just never could justify spending more than 50 euros on one.. I'm not asking for a specific brand, this michael kors one just happens to look exactly as I want it.

4: A rosegold watch : Same as the wallet, it is something I don't actually need and can't justify buying but I always founded rosegold beautiful and feminin. Again, I have no ideas of a specific brand or model so please let me know if you ever come across a pretty not too expensive one. But to be honest, any king of jewellery would make me really happy, (I keep loosing it and now I barely have any left XD).

5: Makeup ! If you buy me makeup, you're pretty sure to make my day !

6: clear makeup organizers : My makeup counter is an absolute mess, products keep rolling on the floor, I have to dig deep into boxes to get my foundations out... And just happen to find this makeup organizer really practical and cool-looking.

7: Gorjuss laptop sticker I already have the notebook and phone socket from this line, and this sticker is sooo cute !

8: « It » by Alexa Chung in english It seems like a greate nightable book. I nearly bought it in urban outfitters in England a few months ago, ended up not doing so and now I regret it .

9: Stationnary:You just never have enough cute notebooks !

10: Wintery Candles : they make your room cozy and nice smelling, what else ?

11: Cozy blankets : who dosn't love a snugglely soft cozy blanket/pillow ?

12: A panda mug : I happen to have a weird obsession whith tea. And mugs.And pandas. All of them mashed together would be perfection .

I'm now going to make myself a cup of panda tea,
Have a nice day



Too Faced chocolate bar palette review and swatches

Today's posting will be on a recent chocky treat I guiltely bought. The very hiped up chocolate bar palette by Too Faced . It retails for 44 euros in France, so a tiny bit less than Urban Decay's naked palettes (47 euros), and it contains 4 more shades.

First of all,I think we can agree on the fact that (as in nearly all of too faced's palettes) the packaging's absolutely great. Not only does it look like chocolate but since it is made with real cocoa powder, it smells like it too,Ouch too faced, right on the sweet spot (I haven't tasted it yet though) ! When you open it, this delicious smell is accompagnied by the dicovery of a big mirror, 16 eyeshadows and a plastic film on which the chocolaty names are written (the very annoying but helpful one that keeps falling out every time you open the box).

The eyeshadows themselves come in many different shades and finishes going from a mat beige to a deep satin burgundy passing by a shimmery purple. A very nice mix of neutrals and fun colors to play around with. Texture wise, most are very buttery, well pigmented and easy to blend (what else?),but I have to say that they are a few misses (Black forest truffle and candid violet are quite dry and sheer, so is chery cordial).

The two highliters do come in a bigger size, wich I think is brilliant since the are a lot more solicited (clever willy wonka)

Now all my appologies for the quality of the pictures and swatches, I have a terrible camera with no macro, but hope you'll still be able to see.









Welcome to my very first blog!

 Blogging is something I've been meaning to do for quite some time but never got round to doing it. It's a new experience and hopefully it'll be a good one. This blog will mostly be about beauty/fashion but I'll do my best to diversify, make it as interesting as possible and update it regularely. I'll include books and film reviews,  articles on places I like and sneak peaks into my desperate countrygirl's life.
I really hope you'll enjoy my blog and feel free to leave a comment.