My christmas wishlist

As you may have noticed,the inernet and the world in general are getting very christmassy. To follow along and join the hollyness I thought it might be a good idea to present you my christmas whishlist. Before I get started I just wanted to say that I'm really not expecting or even asking to get all of these gifts. There are just a few ideas, if you ever lack inspiration on what to ask for or offer.So let's get into it !

1: A decent camera : I feel really serious about blogging but unfortunattely, the camera I'm currently using is terrible.I know that it is asking a lot though, so if I don't happen get it at christmas, I'll save up and fight to finaly have some pretty pictures to accompany my posts !

2: Gucci's guilty perfume : I watched a video in wich Casey Holmes recommended this perfume, I gave it a sniff and since then feel the need to spray it everytime I go into sephora, it's gorgeous !

3: A nice wallet has been on my wishlist for a long time, I just never could justify spending more than 50 euros on one.. I'm not asking for a specific brand, this michael kors one just happens to look exactly as I want it.

4: A rosegold watch : Same as the wallet, it is something I don't actually need and can't justify buying but I always founded rosegold beautiful and feminin. Again, I have no ideas of a specific brand or model so please let me know if you ever come across a pretty not too expensive one. But to be honest, any king of jewellery would make me really happy, (I keep loosing it and now I barely have any left XD).

5: Makeup ! If you buy me makeup, you're pretty sure to make my day !

6: clear makeup organizers : My makeup counter is an absolute mess, products keep rolling on the floor, I have to dig deep into boxes to get my foundations out... And just happen to find this makeup organizer really practical and cool-looking.

7: Gorjuss laptop sticker I already have the notebook and phone socket from this line, and this sticker is sooo cute !

8: « It » by Alexa Chung in english It seems like a greate nightable book. I nearly bought it in urban outfitters in England a few months ago, ended up not doing so and now I regret it .

9: Stationnary:You just never have enough cute notebooks !

10: Wintery Candles : they make your room cozy and nice smelling, what else ?

11: Cozy blankets : who dosn't love a snugglely soft cozy blanket/pillow ?

12: A panda mug : I happen to have a weird obsession whith tea. And mugs.And pandas. All of them mashed together would be perfection .

I'm now going to make myself a cup of panda tea,
Have a nice day


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