10 Beauty things I suck at

I've been interested in everything fashion-beauty related for the past few years, and with that came the desire to avoid looking like a hot mess. Even though on a daily basis I'm doing my best to not scare people away as soon as they see my face, there still are many beauty (and lifestyle, but lets stick to beauty for today shall we?) related things I am absolute crap at ! But you know what ? It's ok to suck ! Oh, you suck too ? Let's all suck together then !

Beauty things I just... can't/don't do :

1-My hair : Pinterest tutorials ? Tried. Failed. Youtube ? Same. I can't even dry my mane properly !

2- My nails : For some reason, my left hands feels handicaped as soon as it touches a nail polish. Plus who manages to wait patiently for their nails to dry ? I peeing, no face scratching, no eating, no moving (?) for at least five whole minutes !

3- Moisturizing my body : Can't be arsed. I rarely feel like waiting fifteen minutes naked in my bathroom for my body to dry.

4-Contouring : The only thing I'll ever give Kim K credit for. I just can't do contouring whithout looking like a muddy mess. My skin is so pale I need to be very light handed with bronzer, and I'm not that kind of delicate, careful girl.

5-Throwing out expired products : I'm willing to admit that this one is a little dodgy, but to me if a products still smells/looks good even after its expiring date, that means it's still usable.

6-Lining my lips : I have to invest in a few lip liners, I still don't own any. It's a struggle to pull of a good looking red lip when your lipstick desperatly tries to escape your mouth's edges, believe me.

7-Khôl eyeliner : I just don't do khôl (exept in my waterline). It either thugs onto my eyelids, lumps up, looks inequal, smudges, doesn't smuge as I want it... Liquid liner ! Liquid liner is good.

8-Keeping my jewellery : The reason I don't buy expensive jewellery (other than the fact that I don't have the money for it, obviously) is that I know I'll loose it. Whether it's at a friend's, in the changing rooms while trying clothes on, in my bedroom (in my vacuum cleaner)... You can be sure these beautiful earring will end up disappearing !

9-Haircair: I currently have dry ass straw hair, with extremely split ends. Why ? Because I don't take care of it properly. I just shampoo every two days, slap on some 1min conditionner before blowdrying it fully (ain't anybody got time for cold blowdrying!) whithout using any heat protecter. I do realise how stupid it is, I just prefer spending money on makeup than on haircair...thanks fucked up priorities !

10- Buying what I need : this point has a link whith the precedent one. If I need a white blouse, I'll go shopping for it and come back with a blue bag. If I'm on the look out for a new foundation/lip liner/eyelash curler, you'll see me come back from my shopping trip with an eyeshadow palette. I'm too much of an impuls buyer, who has to think more about what she needs and will use rather than what she wants on a given moment.

So there you go, that was a tiny sample of the numerous things I'm awful at ! In which domain do you suck ?

See you next time,


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