My top 5 underdog artists

Today I decided to share a few of my favourite « underdog » musicians. By underdog, I mean very highly talented people who don't get the recognition they deserve . Now don't get me wrong, I love listening to « big » and well known artits as well (I could do playlists regularly if you're interested), I just thought it would be nice to share the name of those singers that the whole world needs to hear about ! I'll join a link of my favorite song from each artist, give them a try.

Michael Kiwanuka
Soft, broken voice, great guitare skills, extremely touching and relaxing, an all time staple in my playlist.

A (now broken up) ducht group that just instantly brings up my mood, their lyrics are great, their songs very upbeat.  Leaf was an indispensible track in my running playlist last spring!

Filthy boy
This group has been one of my favourite for as long as it has existed. Just... these lyrics! Please go and check them out, these Brits are absolutely brilliant!!

James Bay
Now, this one is a bit more popular (thanks to Tanya Burr), but I think that he should be mentionned everywhere until everybody knows him, that's how good he is!

Nick Drake
Back to the 60's... Nick Drake isn't the person to listen to if you're depressed (and want to get better, otherwise he's spot on). His guitare skills are absolutely incredible (he was an autodidact), so are his pure voice and lyrics.

I really hope you enjoyed, discovered new artists and had a good listening session,

See you soon,

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