50 random facts about me

1: My real name actually is Madelyn
2: I was born in England on the 4th november 2000
3: then moved to France when I was 1 1/2
4: I have one little (4 years younger) sister
5: I've been homeschooled for 4 years now
6: Schoolwise I'm 1 year ahead (mental-wise I'm 10 years late)
7: I 'm currently learning spanish
8: I broke my left pinky nearly 2 years ago playing volley
9: I started playing the violin and learning how to read music when I was 6
10 : and I now play in an orchestra
11 : I can play a teeny tiny bit of guitar
12 : I am absolutly useless under pressure
13 : probably because I'm extremely perfectionist
14 : I've always loved reading
15 : Mangas and japanese culture were my obssession when I was younger
16 : when I was nine, I was part of a ridiculous street football team in my neibourghood
17 : yup, use to be a real tomboy !
18 : I'm a yellow belt in aikido (so watch out)
20 : Annnd started horseriding when I was 6
21 : But I'm super easily afraid so I stopped for a while
22 : I can do tapdance but not ballet (at all)
23 : I was the weird kid sitting next to the teacher during school pauses
24 : I hate working in groups
25 : because I want control over everything
26 : Pandas are my favorite animals,
27 : Doughnuts are my favorite cakes
28 : and tea my favorite drink (half brit' duh')
29: I'm much more of a dark chocolate lover than a milk chocolate one
30 : Can 't stand pissy coffee (intense girl XD)
31: I'm the « make my bed » kind of person
32 : as well as a big list maker
33 : I'm a vegetarian
34 : I Grew up having animals and still have 6
35 : I'm planning on becomming a journalist or psychologist
36 : I don't like romantic comedies
37 : Have never seen the titanic
38 : And never get scared during horror films
39 : I'm extremely sensitive to the cold,
41 :get motion sick while playing video games but not whilst reading in the car
42 : I do not believe in god
43 : and am very opinionated in general
44 : my favorite season is autumn
45: The (hooo so crappy) samsung player one has been my phone for more than 3 years
46 : I can't cut a piece of paper straight if I don't have a guide
47 : I' like silver better than gold
48 : France and England are the only countries I have ever visited
49 : One of my dreams would be to travel around the world
50 : I have a blog (and let me tell you a secret … you're reading it)

That's a wrap, hope you enjoyed learning the 50 randomly stupid things about my selfish self,


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