January book haul

I said in my previous post that I had been offered an amazon gift voucher by my grandparents. Instead of spending absolutely all of it (I still spent a bit though) on makeup, I decided to buy a few books I had been wanting for a long time.

Girl Online by Zoe Sugg: Since I love Zoella so much as a beauty vlogger, I couln't avoid buying her book. I also know Tanya Burr and Fleurdeforce are releasing books this year:  Love, Tanya for one, Glam guide for the other, you can be sure they'll go straight into my basket as soon as they come out! I decided to go for the blue and pink hardback version instead of the kindle one (same price), not for convenience reasons (obviously) but because I loved the look of it. This is definitely very light reading, far from what I'm used to swallowing for school (Flaubert, here I come). If you want a gorgeously written book, don't pick this one up! Only do so if want a super quick and easy read, or mabye if you're young and want to get into reading, this one is ok. As much as I adore Zoe's blog/vlogs, I'm not so keen on her book, it's a bit « shallow » for me.

Girlboss by Sophia Amoruso: Trend victim. Again. This book is written by the ex-garbage digger now multi-millionaire CEO of She writes about how she managed to grow such a successful company, giving her tips and tricks with all of her outspokenness. It don't agree with everything she says (I'm not going to shoot her or sentence her to 1000 lashes, promise) but came out  of this book feeling like I too could become a girlboss. I now feel quite empowered and want to take over the world (It's probably going to last a week). Again, not a literary masterpiece, but a good revitalizing self-help book.

Not That Kind Of Girl by Lena Dunham: I had never tried self help books and wanted to give them a shot, can you tell? Only just started this one by the very well known « Girls » actrice and am already liking it. It's a lot denser than the other two, and Lena's writing is much better. She is funny, outspoken, and from what I have read, has lived quite a few « weird » experiences. Needless to say that weird people are my jam ! I'm going to love this book.

That's all for my book haul, light books aren't the only ones that I read, I also picked up a couple of classics for my french studies but I though you might find them boring. Don't hesitate to tell me if you want to hear about them though, I have some new ones to add to my top 5.

Until next time, smile :-)


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  1. I LOVED GirlBoss! It's one of the books that inspired me to take the leap, leave my 8-5 job and start my own virtual Assistant business!