January Clothing and accessories haul

Hi guys and welcome to the 3rd part of my january haul (you can see the beauty one here and the book one just here). Today's the time for, you guessed it...the clothing/accesories one! I purchased all of this sha-bang over the course of a few weeks, online as well as in store. You'll be able to tell I'm really into H&M at the moment, their sales in store are quite crappy, but the ones online aren't bad at all, give their website a look if you have the chance.
I attached a link to the the items as I found them, if some of them are "linkless", it means that I couldn't put my mouse on them.


Etam minimal black V-neck: Just your classic black jumper, I already had a burgundy one of these and it turns out I wore it so much I decided to get the black one. It was reduced from an already low price, which the quality doesn't reflect.

H&M thin knitted cardigan: Not as warm as I wanted it to be but I quite like the way it looks. It gives a classic effortless look, keeping it neutral, super for layering.

H&M blue jumper: Again, not very warm but I just love he way this top fits. I usually stick to neutral colors, but this long sleeve caught my eye with its baby/teal blue color. I am in love with it! Gettin' out of the comfort zone vol°1 (pat on the back).

H&M "pima" black top: This one's a very simple piece, made special by its white detailing on the sleeves, collar and shoulder. This twist on the classic black top is what sold me. I wanted it in the creamy/beige color but it unfortunately wasn't available in my size.

H&M laced top: I've always been a big fan of lace detailings on shirts/skirts, so I can assure you that when I saw this shirt massivly reduced, I knew what would happen to it... it would end up in my closet. It did, and I'm really happy about it!

Stradivarius blue cropped jumper:  Gettin' out of the comfort zone vol°2! It's the exact same colour as the H&M top though...tough!! I like it, it's quite warm and goes really well with all of my high-waisted jeans.

Bershka striped roll neck: My latest purchase, I suprised myself in buying a roll neck, they normally make me look like a tortoise XD. This one doesn't, it's a tad bit cropped and pyjama-soft. I usually find Bershka's clothes quality to be on the shitty side, not for this top though (I'll let you know how it washes). Its suuuper low price point pushed me to the vice.

H&M fleecy leopard pyjama bttoms: I'm all for a comfy/warm PJ in the winter, and if it can make me look like Waynetta Slob (role model) then  it becomes an obligatory purchase. 'nough said.


Eram grey booties: I had already spotted these babies last autumn, they are gorgeous but use to be much too expensive. So when I saw them 50% off, I went for it! The leather quality of the shoes is beautiful, the colour quite unique and the shape goes with anything. I'm not used to wearing light colored shoes, 'guess I just need to be careful in my very muddy countryside.


H&M long triangle necklace and long glass necklace: Although quite far from my usual stytle (I'm normaly a silver person), these 2 necklaces look quite classy. I wouldn't wear them together though, as it would be too "in your face" for me. The quality isn't as bad as the price lets it seem, a nice adition to my small jewelery collection (keep loosing them... shame on me).

H&M 3 layers necklace: This one is as pretty as it is annoying (it's always getting tangled). I like it a lot though.

H&M silver necklace: Simple and discrete silver necklace, a must have in my opinion.

Guilty bonus

H&M cosmetics powder highliter: OK, I am guilty, I bought makeup.Again. But it was so cheap, and I'd heard so many good things about this highliter. You get a really good product for the price, of course not as pigmented as the lou-minizers from "the balm" but not bad at all. Worth the spend if you can find it.

And with that comes the end of my january haul, hope you enjoyed it. As a "last word" I'll leave you with a picture of my bed after I received an order from H&M, here comes the apocalyps...


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