January makeup and skincare haul

Well, how do I begin... I had money and an amazon gift card for chistmas, sephora was doing 20% off (there are two of these in the town I go to twice a week) and my amazing granparents took my blog for a wishlist. Let's just say that this month, I have aquired quite a bit of beauty stuff, I'll let you discover the extent of the damages.

Chanel Vitalumière aqua: This is my first ever luxury product, an absolute classic. I had been lusting over it for about a year and a half before I decided to take advantage of the sephora sale and splurge. I payed 32 euros for it, which is the price of a « normal » high end foundation. All I can say is that I don't regret it at all, the coverage is light, to my liking, the lasting power amazing and the luminous finish absolutely gorgeous . The only downside (apart from the price) is that, even though I bought the lightest shade in store (22 beige rosé), it still is a teeny tiny bit too dark, but nothing that a fair bit of blending can't fix.

Benefit brow zings : I told you about my brow troubles in my « products I actually need to buy » post, I was getting panick attacks seeing my naked 2 shade (naked basics) disapear so I decided to go brow product shopping. I ask a lady with amazing eyebrows (good pick Maddy) in sephora and she recommended this product. I got it in the shade light, for 26euros (-20% until the 31st remember?) and am really pleased with it, the color is great, it lasts all day and my brow game is much stronger! I don't know about the brushes though, they're so small I prefer to use my own.

Benefit Hoola bronzer:  We are stepping into the must have territory again ! This one is another product I've been tempted to buy for months, an finally I gave in. It was 26 euros (sales,sales,sales) well spent, I use this with a light hand (Thanks fair skin), it blends like a dream and gives me a nice everyday contour.

I took advantage of the sales on FeelUnique and bought products I've wanted for a long time.

The balm NudeTude palette: Not only is the packaging gorgeous, but the shadows are beautiful, deeply pigmented, blendable, not chalky, but butterry... Absolutely amazing, I especially love the shimmery white highlight shade (sassy), it's quite unique and always gives your look a kick of light. This palette is perfect for travelling as it has every eyeshadow you'll ever need and is super slim. It's quite cheap compared to the palettes from too faced or Urban decay, while the quality is pretty much the same.

The balm Mary Lou Manizer: Classic « The balm » packaging, adorable. I agree with the entire internet in saying that this pigmented champagne highliter gives a really pretty glow. Don't go overboard with it as you'll end up looking like a greasy disco ball. I still need a good highligter brush though, my finger just ain't the right tool (that sounded so wrong, sorry).

Tanya Burr lipglosses in « Vampire Kiss » « Chic » and « Picnic in the parc »: these lipglosses are as good as Tanya Burr's blogging. They smell like strawberry (not medicine, candy) are pigmented and, hallelujia... not sticky! I can't stand sticky lip products and have troubles finding lipgloss formulas that I like, I really want to buy more, damn budget ! My personnal favorite out of the three is « Chic », a pefect everyday nude.

Rimmel wake me up concealer in « ivory » : I love the foundation and had heard a lot about the matching concealer. It is nice but far from being as good as the collection's one. It gives less coverage and the lightest shade is much darker. Still better than your average concealer though.

As said earlier, my british grandparents whom I love so much (if you guys see that, thank you again) saw that I was in « need » of a few products and were kind enough to send me :

2 Rimmel khol liners : Cheap, Black, Effective. What else ? I'm now going to line my eyes with a pencil longer than an inch and stop poking my iris with my nail!

Bourjois blush in «41 healthymix» : They couldn't have chosen better, it's a very nice shade of peach. I already own a blush from bourjois in « 54 rose frisson », and like it a lot. They are buildable, sheer enough so you can't go wrong and look like a clown, plus they smell amazing!

Nail buffer block : Even better than the ones from sephora, this one has 6 steps (4 for the others) which lead to smoother nails and non-chipping polish.

I also used an amazon gift vouch (a book haul is coming) to buy :

Sèche vite : Remember me saying that I needed a quick dry top coat? This one is flawless, it dries super fast, leaves your nails shiny and helps to reduce chipping.

First Aid Beauty ultra repair cream: This product deserves all of the hype it's got on the internet, I recommend it if you need a boost of moisture during the winter months.

That's it for today, I'm not stepping into a sephora for at least a...week ? I'm really happy with everything I bought/received, I did a lot of research before buying pricey high end products. Keep in mind that what works for me might not work for you, so please don't be angry if I recommend something you don't like.

Hopefully you'll have enjoyed reading about my january purchases,
See you soon,

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